Back To The Old ‘Dilla

To celebrate the Fourth of July, Daniel and I decided to travel back to my hometown, Unadilla.  My parents weren’t expecting us until tomorrow, but we decided to surprise them.  Surprised they were, indeed.  So much so that my father almost backed his truck right into my car as he was pulling out of our driveway.

It’s good to be home and see the family, especially after Daniel got to spend some time with his.  After going for a brief swim in the pool, we ate some hot dogs and hamburgers, along with my mother’s potato salad.  Then we (me, Kelly, her boyfriend Dillon, and Daniel) played some Bocce ball and Kan Jam.  I’ve never played Kan Jam before, but I ended up doing pretty well.  I even won a few games.  It is a very fun game, and it seems to move pretty quickly.

I just came inside from the camp fire my parents started.  It’s always good to have a fire in the summer.  And you must eat S’mores.  Bonfires are especially fun if you can get my dad talking.  He tells hilarious stories, including things like how one of his old high school teachers owned the strip bar in Oneonta, or how a guy with whom he went to college paid for his education with money he made making bongs.  Good stories, good times.

That's just Kelly.


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