Corn Hill Arts Festival

This weekend the Corn Hill neighborhood held its annual Arts Festival.  It’s similar to Park Ave Fest, where people set up booths or tables and try to sell their artsy goods.  Jewelry, purses, and lawn decorations are all very popular.

Daniel and I wandered around for a while checking out everybody’s booth.  It seemed really big this year, and had all the regular goods, including festival food.  Daniel and I did not indulge in any of it, but we did get to hear some good music.

I was able to snap a few shops of the festival, although it wasn’t very busy when we arrived, since it was still kind of early.

Some of the food booths.

I will admit that I have never had a corn dog before.  I am very curious to try one, and Daniel would have bought me one here, but it was just too early for that kind of food.  It was before 11am.

I think this was a bell tower to a church, although it does not appear to be in use anymore.

It’s a very cute neighborhood in an interesting location.  I wish we could have spent even more time just walking around and seeing all of the interesting art that people are trying to sell, but by lunchtime we were hungry but did not feel like purchasing any of the varieties of fried festival food.  Still, it was fun.


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