Godzilla Stomp!

For Daniel’s birthday, Matt decided to gift him a game that the comic store carries called Godzilla Stomp!.  Each player selects a set of monster cards:  Destoroyah, Mothra, Battra, Mechagodzilla, and the titular Godzilla himself.  Each type of monster has 6 cards; 5 of them are numbered 1-5 and one says “Rampage!”.  There are also 42 building cards.  Most buildings are worth 3, 5, 7, or 9 points, but the power plant cards each have numbers that read 2/4/6/8.  If at the end of the game a player holds one power plant, it is worth 2 points.  If they hold 2 power plants, each is worth 4 points, and so on until 4 power plants are each worth 8 points.

The players have to designate an object to be the Tie Smasher.  It can be any object.  Daniel and I have used the game box, a stuffed Domo toy, and a stuffed Godzilla.  In the event of a tie, the person holding the tie smasher gets to go first.

During one round, x + 2 building cards are laid out on a table, where x equals the number of players, up to 5 (since there are only 5 monsters).  So if there are 5 players, 7 building cards are laid out on the table.  Each player then selects a monster card from their hand, and lays it face down on the table.  All of these monster cards must be revealed simultaneously by all of the players.  The person with the highest number will select a building card first, then the person with the next highest number will select second, and so on.  If two people lay out monster cards that have the same number, there are two ways to resolve this.  First, the person with the tie smasher will automatically get to choose first.  Hence the term “tie smasher”.  Second, if two people lay down monster cards with the same number, but neither have the tie smasher, then the person who is sitting closest to the player holding the tie smasher (in the clockwise direction) will choose first, and the person farthest away from the tie smasher in the clockwise direction will choose their building card last.

After each round, the tie smasher will move to the player who selected their building card last.  If a person plays a Rampage! card, then they will go last.  Each player will select their building card except for the player rampaging.  This player will receive whatever cards are left over.  If two players play a Rampage! card during the same round, the tie is broken with the tie smasher, using the same rules for any other tie.  The person who wins the tie must leave one card for the other person to take.  It is in a player’s best interest not to use a Rampage! card when another player will also be rampaging.  Of course, this is all part of the strategy.

Once all 6 rounds are completed, each player counts all of the points on the building cards and the player with the largest number of points wins.

It’s a pretty fun game, and it moves very quickly.  That is certainly one of my favorite features.  We’ve acquired a number of games that can take a ridiculously long time to play through.  If that’s what you want in a game, it’s a good thing, but if you are looking for something quick and easy to play then this is the type of game for you.  I enjoy this one a lot, and I sure do love rampaging.  Tonight we brought it along for Game Night at the comic store.  Our friends seemed to enjoy it as well, since we played at least 5 games.

Destoroyah or Christine in an elephant costume?


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