A Bug’s Life

Today was a pretty good day.  It was Friday, which means Daniel and I always put a little extra effort into dinner.  I also got to watch the Blue Angels flying over campus while I was at work.  That was awesome.  Some people are completely impressed with their flips or turns, et cetera, but Daniel and I agreed that it is most impressive when they all fly together, synchronized.

After dinner, we went for a quick drive over to Henrietta after Daniel called the Guitar Center and they said they had the new Korg Monotribes in stock.  It turns out that they lied; they only had the Monotribe’s younger brother, the Monotron, which Daniel already has.  So that was a disappointment.

We came back to the apartment and decided to watch A Bug’s Life.  This is by far my favorite Pixar movie.  I think it’s because most of their movies are just heart-wrenching.  I can’t watch Wall-E or Toy Story 3 without practically having a mental breakdown.  I just start bawling.  And once the movie ends, I continue to cry.  The last time Daniel and I watched Wall-E, I was still hysterical 10 minutes after the movie ended.  It was awful.  But A Bug’s Life is hilarious.  I love the characters.  It also features voices from a number of different big-name actors and actresses, including Dave Foley (of Kids in the Hall), Kevin Spacey, Phyllis Diller, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Richard Kind, Brad Garrett, Bonnie Hunt, David Hyde Pierce, Hayden Panettiere, Denis Leary, and Madeline Kahn, as well as a few others.  Of the Pixar films, I think this one is the funniest.  A little side tidbit:  The copy that I own is actually on VHS, since it was purchased by my grandmother in the ’90s, long before anyone in our family considered DVDs.  After my grandparents died, I decided that I had to keep that movie.  I still watch it pretty regularly, although it’s difficult convincing Daniel sometimes.

You know, I lived in an ant hill once...

Ant Hill Cooperative, that is.


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