The Death of The Human Torch

Daniel and I have been reading The Fantastic Four together.  Specifically, we have been reading the issues directly leading up to the death of the Human Torch, which occurred a few months ago.  There are alternate dimensions full of Reed Richards and there is a little girl (Val Richards, Reed’s daughter) who is smarter than Reed Richards.  This is a big deal because Reed is the smartest man in the Marvel Universe.  There is a boy (Franklin Richards, Reed’s son) who can create whole universes with his hands when his powers are not being suppressed.  There’s some time travel/alternate dimension stuff that I don’t even fully understand.  It’s pretty crazy.  But I’m intrigued, and Daniel is very happy that I am reading the stories with him.

That is Genie marching in the Rochester Pride Parade. This has nothing whatsoever to do with The Fantastic Four.


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