Captain America: The First Avenger (No spoilers.)

Today Daniel was fortunate enough to get the afternoon off so that we could go see the new Captain America: The First Avenger movie.  It was better than I was expecting.  It is not so much an action flick as it is an opportunity to learn the background of Captain America.  It takes place in the 1940s when one man (Steve Rogers) is selected to receive the Super Soldier Serum, developed by a German scientist (played by Stanley Tucci) who wants to help the United States defeat the Nazis.  Howard Stark, father of Tony Stark who we know as Iron Man, plays a pivotal role in developing the machinery necessary to inject the serum and stimulate the growth of the soldier receiving it.  So while the body of Michael Cera goes into the machine, the body of Chris Evans (who plays Captain America/Steve Rogers) comes out.

And then Captain America is formed and he punches a lot of a Nazis, performs some awesome shield throws, and generally does American badassery things.  Just like the comics.

So if this takes place in the 1940s but The Avengers movie (which I believe is set to come out next year) takes place in the present day, how did they account for this?  The same way they did it 50 years ago in the comics, and that was to have him frozen.  I don’t know the entire story from the comics, but in this movie, it was more of an accident that he was frozen for all of those years.

In addition, the movie stars Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, and Neal McDonough.

And yes, like the other movies before this that have been preparing for The Avengers, there is a treat after the credits.  So stick around for those.

Courtesy of my sister, Kelly. Her pictures are notorious for being blurry.


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