Today Daniel and I avoided the heat and watched the 1991 movie JFk, directed by Oliver Stone.  It was nominated for a number of Academy Awards and won two.  I am a huge fan of Kevin Costner, for whatever reason, and he was great in this movie, playing Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who began to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy in more depth after he suspected that their was more to the assassination than just one lonely gunman.  In addition, Lee Harvey Oswald was originally from New Orleans, so there was some connection there.

I can’t possibly go into all of the details here, but it is a phenomenal movie.  Seinfeld did a great spoof about a “magic loogie” that took a similar path to the supposed “magic bullet” that hit JFK and another passenger in his car.  What’s great about this particular parody of the film is that Wayne Knight, who plays Newman, was also in JFK (and also happened to play a character called Newman).  In addition, when Kevin Costner’s character is demonstrating the supposed trajectory of the “magic bullet”, Newman is part of the demonstration, and reprises the same position in the episode of Seinfeld.  I personally think that was brilliant on the part of the Seinfeld writers.

The movie presents a truly fascinating conspiracy theory, as well as a terrifying one.  While I understand this is a movie made for the purposes of entertainment and gets nominated for awards based on the acting and how well the story is written, there may be some truth to the theory.  I think most people agree that the assassination was a conspiracy, but they don’t always agree on who did the conspiring.  What I cannot understand is if the government was not involved and it was indeed just Lee Harvey Oswald who acted alone (which was what the Warren Commission found), then why wouldn’t they release all of the documents pertaining to JFK’s assassination?  I don’t understand what they could want to hide from the public if it was indeed just some crazed lone gunman.  In addition, they have apparently commissioned a group whose sole purpose is to determine which documents containing information regarding the assassination will or will not be released  to the public within the next decade or two.

I don’t want to give away too much information about the movie if you have not seen it.  It’s certainly a movie that, at the very least, makes you think “What if…?”.  Here is a short clip of the movie during the trial of Clay Shaw:

Back...and to the left? Not really.


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