Desperate Housewives

I’ve been watching a lot of Desperate Housewives lately.  I already watched season 1 earlier this year.  Hulu has season 2 and I’ve been watching it just about every day.

Now, obviously none of these women are meant to be likable.  Initially, I really liked Susan’s character, but she’s starting to wear on me.  I think my favorite character has to by Lynette Scavo.  She feels the most real, mostly because she hasn’t killed or kidnapped anyone.  And she hasn’t helped anyone else hide those crimes either.  It’s a strange show; it’s kind of like an addiction.  It’s not that I’m really into the show this season, but I can’t stop watching.  At this point, it’s the secondary characters that are more interesting to me.  For example: Bree’s son, Andrew and his relationship with her.

I’m just craving a good story, whether it be from a television show or a book.  But I would like something ongoing, something more than just a 2 hour movie.  Good stories are hard to find.

There's an ocean out there.


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