Bald Head Island Day 2

Despite some reports that the weather might not be ideal today, it turned out to be gorgeous.  This morning was a bit cloudy, but by noon the sun was out and I was getting a tan.  We went to East Beach this morning.  Daniel’s mother, Daniel, and I all went together before everyone else was ready.  Daniel and I were slow to get in the water because he cut his foot and I didn’t want to go in alone.  Once finally got in, the water was amazing.  The waves were pretty small today, so we all just floated until others arrived.

After we got our fill of the ocean for the day, we went back to shower and eat lunch.  I took a ridiculous nap this afternoon.  I told Daniel to wake me up after 20 or 30 minutes, and he left me there while he went with his dad to go find mint for mojitos.  So I ended up taking a much longer nap that I’d intended.  Life is tough on this island vacation.

For dinner, we went to Marty’s and Susan’s house.  Daniel’s father was extremely excited when he discovered they had a milkshake machine, so of course we had to make milkshakes for dessert.  Fabulous.

Before dinner, relaxing.

After dinner, full and happy.


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