My Last Day in Durham

Tomorrow we head to Unadilla, then on to Rochester.  Today was a good day.  I went on an adventure with Daniel in search of comic books (what else?) and he ended up purchasing a “game” for his Nintendo 3DS.  It’s not really a game, but it is a cartridge that you insert and it allows him to have his own handheld Korg synthesizer that can be played with the stylus.  And he did pick up some missing back issues.  We can’t go anywhere without him buying a few more comics.  We went to this great store called Sci-Fi Genre Comics & Games.  The best part of the store was how they stored their back issues.  They had a bunch of cubbies that were just big enough to hold long comic boxes and could be pulled out to view the issues or pushed in for storage away from light or other harmful environmental things.  Very creative.  We also tried to pick up some milkshakes at Cook Out, but as we were about to order, a man approached our car and said that their power had just gone out.  This, of course, meant no milkshakes.  How disappointing.  So we came back to the house and took a rest until everyone got home from school and work.  We finally got our milkshakes this evening, after dinner.  They’re not really milkshakes that you can drink.  And the Cook Out people know this, because they hand you both a straw and a spoon when you order.  I don’t know if they use any milk in their milkshakes, which is what makes them so damn delicious.

I am sad to be leaving Durham.  It’s a fantastic city.

Taken inside the chapel on Bald Head.


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