Back in Rochester

Hurricane Irene hit Unadilla this morning.  My parents are still without power and probably will be for a few days.  The biggest issue that I had was my phone seemed to think that it was January 3 and about 5 hours behind the actual time.  I realized how lost I was without knowing the time.  Luckily it has since fixed itself.

After a long drive in the rain, we arrived in Rochester and immediately headed to Eastview so Daniel could get his laptop inspected at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store.  He needs to replace the hard drive, but most of his important information was transferred to my laptop this afternoon.  I did overhear another guy talking to a “genius” about his iPhone and how it had the same problem with the date and time.  I tried to explain that it was the network and that the Apple Store can’t actually do anything about that, but the guy was a classic iDiot.  I held my phone up to show him the date/time problem, and he actually tried to tap the screen like it was a touch screen.  He was a lost cause.

We met Jenab, Ryan, Dan, and Lisa at The Distillery for dinner.  It was awesome to see them again.  Jenab’s studio apartment is adorable and I know that I’m going to walk over there often and bug her.  I’m so excited to live close to her again!

It’s good to be back in Rochester.

Another view of Old Baldy.


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