I’ve discovered a reality television show on Hulu called Solitary.  It comes to us courtesy of the Fox Reality Network.  9 contestants are placed into 9 individual pods.  Their only contact is with a “computer” named Val.  She gives them “treatments”, trying to get them to quit.  They are almost always physically taxing.  If a contestant wants to quit, they have to hit a red button inside their cell.  The last person left in Solitary wins money.

The only reason I cannot stop watching this awful show is because I’m almost certain they based Val on GladOS from Portal.  Val physically resembles GladOS and sounds like her as well.  The premise is also similar.  Val is studying these people while she tries to push them to their breaking point by giving them horrible tasks, denies them food and sleep, and keeps them locked in Solitary.  Other than that, it’s essentially the same idea as Fear Factor.



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