Half Pint Pub

This afternoon, Daniel and I were craving a little beer.  We opted to try the new Half Pint Pub on Park Avenue, just two blocks from our apartment.  We had never been in before, so the young woman behind the bar explained that you purchase a full pint of beer, but it is split into two half pints, and each person can choose two different beers to fill their two half pints.  Daniel and I decided not to do this, and to each just get a pint of one beer.  However, later we did split a pint; Daniel drank Harp while I drank Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

Personally, I think that is a great idea for serving beer.  It gives people the ability to try a larger variety of beer in one visit or to share pints with friends.  Of course, there is the added bonus of feeling like a badass when they send you away with two half pints of beer and you can just double fist to your heart’s desire.

Half Pint Pub. It's so little!


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