Daniel and I just watched Clerks.  I have never seen it before and its one of those movies that everyone has seen and if you tell anybody that you haven’t seen it, they are shocked.  So I finally watched it tonight, since it is available on Hulu.  I’d tried to watch it before, but the copy from the Multimedia Center was damaged to the point where you couldn’t get past the first 10 minutes.

After watching it, I was a little disappointed.  I expected it to either be more funny or more interesting.  It was neither.  I was just kind of bored.  To be perfectly honest, I would have liked the original ending, where Dante gets shot in the end by some guy robbing the store.  It would have added a lot more perspective to Dante’s day and to his life.  Throughout the movie, Dante keeps saying how he wasn’t even supposed to be there that day.  So what?  It was an inconvenience and then he gets to close up and go home.  But what if he had died?  You would have looked back on the entire movie and left feeling very different.

I do understand why this movie made Kevin Smith big.  It was the 90’s, and the whole movie was about as Generation X as it gets.  These are the people that probably think everything he’s made since then has been crap.  It wasn’t a terrible movie, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Fish. Random, random fish.


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