Friday Fun

Today was a great day.  The weather was lovely, which resulted in Daniel and me taking many walks around the neighborhood.  It feels like it’s been ages since we have been able to do that, since the weather has just been awful.  We also took a trip to campus to pick up some movies and grab a soda from The Pit.  He has never seen The Office, so he borrowed the first season.  He doesn’t seem to like most of the things that Steve Carell does because it’s always humor that involves uncomfortable or awkward moments.  Dinner for Schmucks, The 40 Year Old Virgin, The Office.  All of it is humor that makes Daniel uncomfortable because the characters are so socially awkward.  I love this kind of humor because it seems a little bit more true to life, especially if you were that awkward kid that thought they might stay a virgin until they were 40.  Or the person that often misses social cues and says or does something really stupid to screw up the moment.  It’s happened to everyone.

Right now, Daniel is working at the comic store while I butcher cook dinner.  My creations usually come out tasting fine, but I can never get the timing just right.  Everything is done at different times.  Oh well.  I try my best.

Now that's awkward.


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