“He was bound to love you when he heard you sing, Christine.”

Today started out kind of slow.  Daniel and I lazed around for a very long time until we decided to take a drive to Wegmans for dinner supplies and dessert.  I tried to surprise him with Pop Rocks while he wasn’t looking, but he spotted them before I could hide them properly.  We shared a pack in the car before we walked back into the apartment.  That was fun.

For dinner, Daniel made cheesy risotto with sausage.  It was amazing.  But when he opened the bottle of wine to use in the risotto, the wine opener pushed the cork into the bottle instead of pulling it out.  (That was my fault, but it is difficult to explain.)  So we ended up drinking almost the entire bottle before dinner was even ready.

Now we are watching The Phantom of the Opera.  A few things about that.  I want to see the Broadway show so badly.  Daniel saw it in Durham a few years ago.  In the movie, Raoul is played by Patrick Wilson who played Dan Dreiberg and The Night Owl in Watchmen.  It’s kind of weird because now we’ve all seen his butt.  Also, he looks a lot older in Watchmen.  And I had no idea that Gerard Butler played The Phantom.  But that explains a lot, like how The Phantom isn’t a very good singer but we are expected to believe that he trained Christine.

He is a goofball.


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