Zen Magnets

Today, Daniel received his Zen Magnets in the mail.  We were both very excited about it.  You can do some truly artistic things with them, but Daniel hasn’t acquired enough to make huge sculptures yet, so for now we have to settle for small things, like a typical cube.

I did find a bunch of tutorials on youtube, courtesy of Magnenaut.  Below I have embedded one of the shorter, simpler shapes he can build, but I highly recommend checking out some of his other videos.  You can skip a lot of the beginning parts of the tutorials because they are all very similar, but some of the shapes he creates are truly impressive.

If you are going to browse around youtube for more videos of Zen Magnets, try to avoid saxplayingcompnerd.  His videos are a little creepy for a number of reasons.  First, you know he is sitting in his parents’ house spending God only knows how much money on Zen Magnets while his parents remain clueless.  Second, in one of his videos he shows you how to clean your Zen Magnets.  Somewhere in either the video or the comments (I’d rather not watch through the video again to figure that out), he says it takes him 2-3 hours to clean all of his magnets.  So between his saxophone, his computer-nerding, and playing with Zen Magnets, where does he find the time to, you know, socialize or get laid?  The obvious answer is that this guy might remain a friendless virgin forever.  Daniel even suggested that the guy was a fake that just made these sort of creepy videos, but obviously he spends a lot of time with his magnets, so I’m not convinced.

I’ve gotten a little off-topic.  The point is, Zen Magnets are pretty awesome and I can’t wait to try to figure them out and maybe even make some interesting shapes.  Daniel only has 216, so you can’t make the kinds of shapes that Magnenaut can make, but you can still do some cool things with them.

Zen Magnets!


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One thought on “Zen Magnets

  1. Daniel October 6, 2011 at 2:31 pm Reply

    What shapes have you made?

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