Tennessee is Floating Somewhere Above Our Bed.

Back in April, I announced that Daniel and I had received an official answer from the landlord regarding the lease signing, etc.  This isn’t news, but I did write extensively about how I wanted to set up the apartment, and how I was trying to be all crafty with our headboard, especially since I’d been seeing so many cool ideas on Pinterest.  While I do not have photos of the entire apartment, Daniel did manage to capture a few shots of our “headboard”, and I wanted to share them with you.  Also, I think he did a wonderful job mounting it.  Don’t you think?

Do you recognize it?

How about now?

I will give you a hint. This is a close-up.

It’s a map of North Carolina!

It’s not a headboard in the truest sense of the word, but I think it looks awesome.  I found this map of North Carolina in the basement of his parents’ house.  They didn’t seem to have any use for it, so I took it, cleaned it up, and brought it to the apartment.  Daniel liked it, and even hung it for me.  I like it because it adds just a little bit of color to our very neutral room.  Also, it will help me improve my NC geography knowledge.  And I like to pretend I sleep in Georgia.


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