Kelly’s First Visit To Durham.

So my sister visited me in Durham for the first time this weekend.  She and my mother flew into RDU on Thursday  and left this morning.  My parents visited last month, which was great, but I had also seen them in May at Daniel’s graduation in Rochester.  I hadn’t seen my sister since February.  It was pretty excellent having them both here.  We did a lot of shopping, including trips to Southpoint and the Tanger Outlets in Mebane.

We also ate very well.  The three of us went to Rue Cler for lunch on Thursday while Daniel was at work.  I hadn’t been there since my very first visit to Durham back in 2009, and I’d been itching to go back ever since.  I decided that afternoon would be a perfect time to go to Southpoint since Daniel wasn’t around.  I ended up with some new outfits, but nothing too crazy or exciting.  On Friday, all four of us went to Dame’s Chicken and Waffles which is absolutely fabulous but not something anyone should do too often.  I think that, despite the unusual combination, my mom and my sister really enjoyed it, and of course there were plenty of leftovers.  Kelly, Mom and I went out to Mebane on Saturday, and I ended up with a new pair of jeans and a pair of Converse slip-ons that I’ve been wanting for, like, years, actually.  On Sunday, we went back out that way, but ended up in Burlington, where we met my grandmother, aunt, and cousin for lunch.

All-in-all, it was a good visit.  It’s always a pleasure hosting people, especially family.  I’m thinking about making some kind of vlog post thingy with more details about what we actually did and where we went and who we saw and how it made me feel.  You know, stuff that I should be writing about in this blog more often that once a month.

In other news, I recently got my NC driver’s license!  And I registered to vote here!  I think Daniel and I will probably vote early to avoid the crowds.  I’m becoming an official NC resident.  I don’t know how I feel about that, exactly, but I do know that I love Durham.


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