Just a Fun Saturday Night

Last night was pretty awesome.  A girl that I work with, Megan, came out for drinks with me and Daniel at Bull City Burger and Brewery.  She ended up just driving to our house, parking here, and walking with us, since parking over there can get crazy on Saturday night.  She had never been to BCBB, so it was cool that we got to show her what that was about.  And, in my opinion, their beer is just much better than Fullsteam’s beer.  BCBB typically has a better variety, and have new and different beers every month, and their quality just seems to be better and more consistent.  Fullsteam has a great vibe, but I definitely prefer BCBB.  As we were sitting outside on the (new and improved!) back patio at BCBB, we also were witness to a guy trying to bust open a piñata while he was surrounded by a number of his friends.  Using a stick to break it open ended up being a complete failure because the stick broke long before any real damage was done to the piñata.  So they just let the guy tear it open.  Naturally, Megan, Daniel, and I were waiting anxiously to see what was inside (there had been talk of puppies), but we were pretty disappointed to find that it was only the crappy Double Bubble bubblegum, where the flavor is gone before you can even get it to your mouth.  But that was fun, and after 2 beers each we walked to Fullsteam.  It turns out that Fullsteam was having a Zombie Prom for Halloween.  It was excellent, but we were all bummed that we missed the memo on that one, because I definitely have a dress that would have been perfect for it.  They had a decent band playing, except that you couldn’t understand what they were singing because it was mixed so poorly.  I did figure out one song, it was Cheap Trick’s “Surrender”.  We drank, we danced, we saw all kinds of zombies.

After Fullsteam, we just walked back to the apartment where we continued drink.  Daniel had some of his whiskey on the rocks, Megan and I drank appletinis.  And after that I don’t remember much except that I know Megan ended up sleeping here because we were all very, very drunk.


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