Every weekend, Daniel and I wake up in the morning and say “What fun things are we going to do today?”  Usually, we end up on some “adventure”.  These adventures usually aren’t anything too crazy.  Today we just went to the Southpoint Mall in search of a specific Hanukkah gift for his sister Nicole.  We were fortunate enough to have completed our mission (and saved 10% while doing it).  In the process, I also finished holiday shopping for my nieces and nephew.  I never get that sort of thing done this early.  I’m always that person out the weekend before Christmas looking for gifts.  I’ve made it a personal goal not to let that happen this year.

Other adventures have included driving to various GameStops in the area looking for a certain Wii game that Daniel really wanted.  The only reason we didn’t order it online was because we found out we could get it for $5 or less at a store in Morrisville.  Unfortunately, we bought the game used and then found out it didn’t work.  Returning the game was a less fun adventure.

But it’s not just consumer-driven adventures that we go on.  In Rochester, we often went on hikes in the summer.  We’ve been doing that less since we moved here, which is a bummer because the Eno River State Park is very beautiful.  (Daniel, this is a not-so-subtle hint that I think we should go on a hike soon, if the weather is nice and it’s not too cold.)

Sometimes we will hear about an interesting event that’s happening downtown or an art exhibit at the Nasher, and wander on over to check it out. Those can turn into really interesting adventures because you never know what insane things you might see, hear, or be a part of.

Pictured: Daniel (top) and Christine (bottom) adventuring on a gigantic turtle.

There are also lots of bigger adventures that we haven’t gone on yet.  For instance, we’re both anxious to take a trip to New York City, since I haven’t been there in years and I’ve never gone with Daniel.  I’ve never been to Chicago, so I’m dying to visit.  I’ve also never visited to Seatlle, and some of our good friends in Rochester are moving there in January; I hope that we can sync up our schedules to visit them sometime next year.

What adventures have you gone on recently?


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