Best Thing / Worst Thing

Every Friday, Daniel and I sit down for dinner and share our best and worst things of the week.  It’s a really nice tradition that he’d always done with his family, and I’m glad he shares it with me now.

My best thing this week was that Daniel actually started his job at Duke, and is therefore much happier than he has been for the past few months.  It was hard to see him so down on himself all of the time because he was struggling to get a job (as many of us have done recently).  Unfortunately, a job does in fact mean that you have to show up at work at a time that your body doesn’t necessarily want to be awake, so he’s been kind of tired lately.  Last night we both fell asleep around 8pm and slept until 9:30pm, at which point we actually cleaned ourselves up and officially went to bed.  My (obvious) advice to you:  don’t take a nap at 8pm.  It really messes with your internal clock.  Ours was more accidental, but if you can avoid it then don’t do it.

I also got paid today, which is always a good thing.  Some of my co-workers and I celebrated by going out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant called La Cocina.  It was pretty tasty for the price, and the service was fast so we could get back to work at a reasonable time.

My worst thing is that sometime before the end of next week, I have to do 8 hours of mandatory overtime so that we can catch up with some of our work.  Now, we’ve had mandatory overtime every month since July, so it’s something I’ve come to dread for a while now, over and over again.  It is nice because I can make a little extra money, but I really dislike going in to work on a day off, and it is really hard staying for an extra hour or two after I’ve already worked an 8 hour day.  But every month I manage to do it, and it becomes worth it once I get paid.

What are your best and worst things this week?


I’m hoping next week will be an R. Kelly themed week.  I have a couple of post ideas rolling around in my head, and I hope to get them written sometime this weekend.  We will see if that happens.  I also really want to see Skyfall, so there may be a post on the way about that.  Stay tuned!


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