The Christmas Haul

Yesterday morning I was awoken bright and early by my sister texting me to let me know they were opening gifts.  I got on Skype and it turns out that they had already opened theirs, except for the ones I gave them.  So it was more like they sat in front of a computer staring at me while I opened their gifts.  I got some pretty awesome stuff though.

Every year, my mother insists on purchasing me either a new set of pajamas or a new pair of pajama pants.  This year, it was the latter.  I actually love them.  They are very comfortable, and I should know since I took a glorious nap in them earlier today.  She also bought me some fancy coffee because she knows that I rarely splurge and buy the good stuff for myself.  I’m definitely looking forward to that, although I am trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption.  I got a few other practical things, like new sheets and a comforter for our bed.  But there were lots of fun things as well.  I received season 5 of Boy Meets World. I’m slowly collecting all of the seasons before they bring it back (!!!). I also decided that it’s time to invest in all the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because I’ve been watching that show so much recently.  (In this instance, “investing” means I asked for it for Christmas, and my mother got it for me.)  Right now I only have the first 2 seasons (thanks Mom!), but that should keep me busy for a while.

New pajama pants!

New pajama pants!


And my two favorite Christmas gifts have to be my NARS Alhambra duo and my Sigma brush kit for eyes.  This is actually my first Sigma brush set and I’m already in love with it.  The brushes are dense but soft and work extremely well to distribute whatever product I’m using.

NARS is a funny word.

NARS is a funny word.

They’re beautiful colors, and they’re very pigmented.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture of my brush storage. These are my new Sigma brushes along with some other brushes I already had.

I thought I would throw this in, just so you could see how I store my brushes, pencils, lipgloss, and lipsticks.

I spent most of the day with Daniel’s family.  Daniel’s uncle Richard and cousin Paula visited and went with us, Daniel’s parents, and Daniel’s sister Nicole to see a matinee of Les Miserables.  I really liked it.  Daniel hated the cinematography, which was distracting at times, but I still enjoyed the film quite a bit.  In continuing with the Jewish Christmas tradition, we went out for Chinese food right after the movie.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got to spend some quality time with their family.  I know I had a great time with Daniel’s family, and I’m so happy that I got to participate in their traditions this year.


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One thought on “The Christmas Haul

  1. yvonne cleaver January 5, 2013 at 12:36 pm Reply

    okay, so remember you told me to check out your blog and so I finally did and i really loved it. 50 years from now you’ll love it like you won’t believe. I do miss you but I’m so glad you’re happy that missing you doesn’t hurt much at all. You definitely deserve all the happiness you can grab.

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