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The Christmas Haul

Yesterday morning I was awoken bright and early by my sister texting me to let me know they were opening gifts.  I got on Skype and it turns out that they had already opened theirs, except for the ones I gave them.  So it was more like they sat in front of a computer staring at me while I opened their gifts.  I got some pretty awesome stuff though.

Every year, my mother insists on purchasing me either a new set of pajamas or a new pair of pajama pants.  This year, it was the latter.  I actually love them.  They are very comfortable, and I should know since I took a glorious nap in them earlier today.  She also bought me some fancy coffee because she knows that I rarely splurge and buy the good stuff for myself.  I’m definitely looking forward to that, although I am trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption.  I got a few other practical things, like new sheets and a comforter for our bed.  But there were lots of fun things as well.  I received season 5 of Boy Meets World. I’m slowly collecting all of the seasons before they bring it back (!!!). I also decided that it’s time to invest in all the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because I’ve been watching that show so much recently.  (In this instance, “investing” means I asked for it for Christmas, and my mother got it for me.)  Right now I only have the first 2 seasons (thanks Mom!), but that should keep me busy for a while.

New pajama pants!

New pajama pants!


And my two favorite Christmas gifts have to be my NARS Alhambra duo and my Sigma brush kit for eyes.  This is actually my first Sigma brush set and I’m already in love with it.  The brushes are dense but soft and work extremely well to distribute whatever product I’m using.

NARS is a funny word.

NARS is a funny word.

They’re beautiful colors, and they’re very pigmented.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture of my brush storage. These are my new Sigma brushes along with some other brushes I already had.

I thought I would throw this in, just so you could see how I store my brushes, pencils, lipgloss, and lipsticks.

I spent most of the day with Daniel’s family.  Daniel’s uncle Richard and cousin Paula visited and went with us, Daniel’s parents, and Daniel’s sister Nicole to see a matinee of Les Miserables.  I really liked it.  Daniel hated the cinematography, which was distracting at times, but I still enjoyed the film quite a bit.  In continuing with the Jewish Christmas tradition, we went out for Chinese food right after the movie.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got to spend some quality time with their family.  I know I had a great time with Daniel’s family, and I’m so happy that I got to participate in their traditions this year.


An Early Hanukkah Gift

Look what Daniel bought me!

That’s Daniel with Doody on his head. (It’s a game…called Doody Head.)

I’ve been having a lot of problems with my laptop’s screen.  It’s actually a common problem among MacBooks like mine.  I bought this when they first released the aluminum unibody 13″ MacBooks (before they switched them all to MacBook Pros).  The computer itself still works great, so we just converted it into a desktop.  I love it.  It wasn’t meant to be an early Hanukkah gift, but I guess I came home early one day after work without warning Daniel, and he had set it up just to make sure that everything worked.  I guess he figured that since I’d already seen the gift, I might as well just have it.  Thanks Daniel!

October Favorites

Well, I just realized I haven’t done one of these since June.  Oops.  So, if you didn’t read that one (which you can here), I will use this post as an opportunity to discuss all of my favorite things that I’ve seen/used/experienced this month.

TV Shows

While Daniel and I have been watching this show consistently since the fourth season began a few months ago, Adventure Time really stepped up their game in October.  The story-telling has been fantastic.  Yes, it is an animated TV series, and yes, it’s on Cartoon Network.  It’s definitely geared to a more adult audience though.  They deal with some pretty dark concepts.  The whole premise of the show is that modern civilization as we know it has ended (after the Mushroom War), and all of the magic has returned to the world.  As far as we know, the protagonist Finn is the only human left on earth (although, there must be others, because where else did he come from).  He is accompanied by his best friend Jake, who is a dog that can talk and stretch his limbs or morph his body into various shapes.

My favorite character is the Ice King.  When we were first introduced to the Ice King in the first season, he came off as just a silly villain.  He wasn’t really malicious, he just wanted to kidnap and marry a princess.  Since the first season, we’ve actually found out that the Ice King is a completely tragic character.  Before the destruction of the world, he used to be a regular guy, studying to be an antiquarian.  At some point in the past, he obtained his crown which gives him all of his powers.  Unfortunately, the crown actually caused him to go mad, and he has no memory of himself before he became this wizard, but we do know that whatever he did while wearing his crown actually scared away his fiancée, whom he would often call “princess”.  So now, he spends all of his time trying to figure out how to find a princess that will marry him, but I don’t think he even understands why he does it.

This season just wrapped up last week with a huge cliffhanger, so I’m really looking forward to season 5.

The other show that I’m obsessed with right now is, of course, Revenge.  I already know that it’s only going to get more and more convoluted, and they probably won’t resolve much, but I’m hooked.  The second season just started airing at the very end of September, and I very faithfully watched the first season last year and earlier this year.  Even if it’s just a poorly acted soap opera, I’m addicted.

Daniel and I have also been watching the X-Files.  Right now, we’re in the middle of the third season. All of the seasons are available free through Amazon Prime.  X-Files is a very cool show because I love crime shows like CSI, but I also like sci-fi series like The Twilight Zone, and this combines the best of both.  Also, Mulder and Scully remind me a lot of the two main characters from the show Bones.  I enjoy the show Bones, but I prefer X-Files if for no other reason than the acting is better.  On somewhat of a side note, X-Files is the scariest show I’ve ever seen on TV.  For me, personally, American Horror Story has got nothing on X-Files.  I’ve seen some of the freakiest, nastiest stuff in that show, things that I never thought they’d be allowed to show on prime time TV.  So, really, it’s kind of perfect for this time of year.


October means Halloween and that means you have to listen to good Halloween music.  Now, I just made a post about my Top 10 Favorite Halloween Songs, but there have been a few artists that I’ve been listening to consistently this month.  The first is The Misfits, naturally.  They are great any time during the year, but especially around Halloween.  The second is AFI.  I’ve really been listening to some of their earlier albums, which sound a bit more classically punk than their more recent releases.  I was browsing on Wikipedia one day when I found out that Davey Havok was actually asked to be the lead singer of The Misfits back in 2006.  I like to imagine how this would have changed my life for the better, but I try not to think about it too much because it would have been so awesome that my brain might have exploded.  AFI does a number of Misfits covers and I personally am very impressed with them.  They include “Halloween” and “Last Caress”.


This month I’ve been re-reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.  I really wanted to read again it before I saw the movie.  The book is such a classic in many ways.  I think the way that it was written in the form of letters by an anonymous person to another anonymous person was such a brilliant way to portray this “Charlie” character that I know teenagers look at and say “This could be me writing these letters”.  You become so well-acquainted with the characters, but you never learn who they really are, or where they are from, so it could be anyone, and that’s one of the things that makes it so appealing.


On Monday night, Daniel and I watched X-Men: First Class for the first time.  You might be wondering how we’ve managed to go this long without seeing it.  Well, Daniel was very wary after the fiascoes that were the third X-Men movie and Wolverine: Origins.  This was much, much better than those.  In terms of the story, it was more on par with the first X-Men movie that revolved around Magneto’s master plan of turning the whole world into mutants.  Or something like that.  Honestly, it was a good movie, and we both loved the fact that it was a period film revolving around the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I also appreciated the way they explained Charles Xavier’s injury.  Overall, I was pleased with it, and now that we own it (it was $10 at Target), I will definitely watch it again.

Although I haven’t watched it yet this year, I am very much looking forward to my annual viewing of Hocus Pocus.  It’s a movie I’ve watched every year since I was a little kid, and it’s definitely one of my favorite Halloween movies, even if it isn’t scary.

Nail Polish

For most of this month, I’ve been wearing Butter London’s “The Full Monty”, which is a beautiful glittery gold nail polish.

The Full Monty

I thought it would be great for fall, since gold is such a perfect fall color, but it would also be absolutely stunning during the summer in the sun.

Currently I’m wearing a color by L’Oreal called “The Muse’s Attitude”.  I believe it is limited edition from their Project Runway 2012 collection.  It is a beautiful teal/green duochrome polish.  I think it will be great for Halloween.

The Muse’s Attitude


In keeping with the gold and bronze colors of fall, I’ve been doing a lot of looks using the Naked Palette, and Mac Amber Lights and Bronze.  One of my favorite looks that I experimented with this month used UD’s Half Baked in the inner 3rd of the eyelid, Mac’s Amber Lights in the middle 3rd of the eyelid, and Mac’s Bronze or UD’s Smog (depending on how dark I wanted the look to be) on the outer 3rd of the eye and in the crease.  (Sorry I have no pictures of this look.  If you really want to see it, write a comment and I will find time to post a pic.)

Half Baked

Amber Lights (left) and Bronze (right)

When I felt like doing something simple and quick, I just took Urban Decay’s Toasted and threw it on all over the lid and it looked awesome.

I’ve been using a couple of different lipsticks this month as well.  I recently purchased Maybelline’s “Make Me Pink” and I’ve been wearing it pretty often lately.  Also, because I’ve been doing more bold eye looks this month, I’ve rediscovered an old favorite: L’Oreal’s “Fairest Nude”, which is the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone.  Finally, because fall is a great time to break out deeper reds and berry colors, I’ve been wearing Maybelline’s “Let Me Pink”, which is a deep, rich berry color.  I actually purchased this color years ago, and I have been unable to find it again.  I would love to re-purchase it because mine has dried out a little bit, so it’s become more difficult to apply.  However, the color still looks amazing.


Let Me Pink (left), Fairest Nude (center), Make Me Pink (right). The lighting is poor and does not do them justice.

Random Things

Daniel and I carved pumpkins this weekend!  This is one of my favorite traditions of all time.  Daniel and I both carved characters from Adventure Time.

This is my pumpkin. It’s Lumpy Space Princess.

The one on the left is Daniel’s pumpkin. It’s Finn.

What were some of your “October Favorites”?

Tennessee is Floating Somewhere Above Our Bed.

Back in April, I announced that Daniel and I had received an official answer from the landlord regarding the lease signing, etc.  This isn’t news, but I did write extensively about how I wanted to set up the apartment, and how I was trying to be all crafty with our headboard, especially since I’d been seeing so many cool ideas on Pinterest.  While I do not have photos of the entire apartment, Daniel did manage to capture a few shots of our “headboard”, and I wanted to share them with you.  Also, I think he did a wonderful job mounting it.  Don’t you think?

Do you recognize it?

How about now?

I will give you a hint. This is a close-up.

It’s a map of North Carolina!

It’s not a headboard in the truest sense of the word, but I think it looks awesome.  I found this map of North Carolina in the basement of his parents’ house.  They didn’t seem to have any use for it, so I took it, cleaned it up, and brought it to the apartment.  Daniel liked it, and even hung it for me.  I like it because it adds just a little bit of color to our very neutral room.  Also, it will help me improve my NC geography knowledge.  And I like to pretend I sleep in Georgia.

Restoring My iBook G4

I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you missed it:  I’ve been planning to restore my iBook G4 for a while.  It’s been sitting in my old bedroom at my parents’ house for a couple of years now, not being used.  I did a stupid thing and tried to install Leopard onto it.  It worked for a while, and then got really slow.  I realized (maybe) it was because Leopard was designed for Intel PCs and my iBook only had a PowerPC.  So I’d bought a new computer (with a built-in iSight camera!!) and turned my once-trusty iBook off indefinitely.  Well, “indefinitely” lasted  until yesterday.

I did another stupid thing too.  On Friday, I argued and argued with mother about where my Tiger installation disks were.  She tore apart my old room, all while I assured her over the phone that I would never do something so stupid as to bring them here without having the computer with which they came.  Then I looked in a drawer in our study and, lo and behold, there they were.  I apologized to my mother, don’t worry.

What really inspired me to do it was this post that I StumbledUpon weeks ago.  I tried to reset my  PRAM, but I don’t think I did it correctly.  I don’t think it really mattered since I was doing an Erase and Install for Tiger anyway.

After almost an hour, it finished installing and…everything seems to work fine.  It’s not as quick as my MacBook, but it’s also a lot faster running Tiger than Leopard.

I think they're eyeing each other...


It's like that movie...Back To The Future.