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The Christmas Haul

Yesterday morning I was awoken bright and early by my sister texting me to let me know they were opening gifts.  I got on Skype and it turns out that they had already opened theirs, except for the ones I gave them.  So it was more like they sat in front of a computer staring at me while I opened their gifts.  I got some pretty awesome stuff though.

Every year, my mother insists on purchasing me either a new set of pajamas or a new pair of pajama pants.  This year, it was the latter.  I actually love them.  They are very comfortable, and I should know since I took a glorious nap in them earlier today.  She also bought me some fancy coffee because she knows that I rarely splurge and buy the good stuff for myself.  I’m definitely looking forward to that, although I am trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption.  I got a few other practical things, like new sheets and a comforter for our bed.  But there were lots of fun things as well.  I received season 5 of Boy Meets World. I’m slowly collecting all of the seasons before they bring it back (!!!). I also decided that it’s time to invest in all the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because I’ve been watching that show so much recently.  (In this instance, “investing” means I asked for it for Christmas, and my mother got it for me.)  Right now I only have the first 2 seasons (thanks Mom!), but that should keep me busy for a while.

New pajama pants!

New pajama pants!


And my two favorite Christmas gifts have to be my NARS Alhambra duo and my Sigma brush kit for eyes.  This is actually my first Sigma brush set and I’m already in love with it.  The brushes are dense but soft and work extremely well to distribute whatever product I’m using.

NARS is a funny word.

NARS is a funny word.

They’re beautiful colors, and they’re very pigmented.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture of my brush storage. These are my new Sigma brushes along with some other brushes I already had.

I thought I would throw this in, just so you could see how I store my brushes, pencils, lipgloss, and lipsticks.

I spent most of the day with Daniel’s family.  Daniel’s uncle Richard and cousin Paula visited and went with us, Daniel’s parents, and Daniel’s sister Nicole to see a matinee of Les Miserables.  I really liked it.  Daniel hated the cinematography, which was distracting at times, but I still enjoyed the film quite a bit.  In continuing with the Jewish Christmas tradition, we went out for Chinese food right after the movie.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got to spend some quality time with their family.  I know I had a great time with Daniel’s family, and I’m so happy that I got to participate in their traditions this year.


Tomorrow is Christmas!

Hi!  Tomorrow is Christmas which is very exciting.  I finally get to open the gifts sent from my parents.  My mother sent me home with a few gifts back in November when I visited, but then a few days ago she also sent a gigantic box to Durham full of even more gifts.  She went a little crazy.  I think she misses me.

Daniel and I have had a busy couple of days.  We went back to Taberna with his parents on Thursday, and we all shared some of their amazing bacon wrapped dates, flamenquín, gambas a la plancha, and paella, with their molten chocolate cake for dessert.  It was phenomenal.  Again, I highly recommend it.

Today, we went to see The Hobbit.  Daniel and I sat through The Lord of the Rings trilogy a few months ago, which was fine except for the fact that I really can’t stand Elijah Wood.  I might have discussed this before, but I just feel like they are movies that appeal more to males.  Here’s the thing:  I am a girl that loves action movies.  Give me any Die Hard or James Bond film, and I’m all in.  But with movies like The Hobbit, it’s a lot of fantasy and sword fights.  Also, there’s dragons, and over the years I’ve realized that dragons just ruin movies for me.  I don’t know why, but if there is a dragon involved, I’m probably not going to like the movie.  Maybe it’s because my dad tried to make me sit through Reign of Fire at 13 or 14 years old, and that is a bad movie all about dragons.  Despite the fact that it starred Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and Gerard Butler (in this instance, a sexy trifecta full of rippling muscles and bad acting), I could not even make it half-way through.   Anyway, The Hobbit was actually good, it’s very entertaining, but I certainly felt every minute of that 3 hours.  Okay, fine, to be fair, it was only 2 hours and 40 minutes, give or take.  I will definitely try to finish watching the rest of this trilogy, although I am having a very hard time understanding how they could even remotely have enough source material to make 2 more films.  We will see.

We also went to his parents’ house this evening to watch It’s a Wonderful Life.  It’s a great movie, but watching James Stewart running around in the snow didn’t make me miss Upstate New York even a little bit.

I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas.  I will share what I got on Wednesday.  I’m also hoping to have a post up soon about some scarves I’ve made recently.  🙂

Wrapping Up My Mini-Vacation in Unadilla

I’ve survived this week in Unadilla and tomorrow I head back to North Carolina.  I’m so excited.  I’ve missed Daniel, and I’ve missed the warm weather.  It’s supposed to be in the 60s and 70s for most of next week, so I’m pretty anxious for that.  I spent the afternoon packing up my stuff and taking the time to clean out my childhood room, since I never really did that after I moved out a few years ago.  And when I wasn’t packing or cleaning, I was fighting with the puppy.  She really likes to grab socks, and then run away.  She also likes bras, apparently.

Yesterday I took a trip to my brother’s house in Herkimer to visit him and his family.  His kids are adorable.  Gavin is already 7, but he’s really tall.  Tall genes run on both sides of his family.  He’s also pretty smart and is all-around a really good kid, just a pleasure to be around.  I can’t say that about a lot of 7-year-olds.  For Christmas, I bought him some Legos, which he put together immediately.  He was very happy and played with them for the rest of the evening.  Lily is much bigger than when I last saw her.  She loves when people read to her.  I actually bought her a book for Christmas that is about a ballerina named Lily and came with a necklace in the shape of ballet slippers.  Her reaction was to try to hide the book in between the couch cushions and yell, “No, I’m Lily!”.  It was pretty cute.  After she settled down, she let me read it to her (twice) and she really liked it.  I bought Paige a stuffed giraffe, but since she is not even 1 and 1/2 yet, she didn’t really care either way.  Oh well.

I drove to my sister’s apartment earlier this evening so we could exchange gifts.  She was a little drunk, so I don’t know how much she really liked her gift, but she got very excited at the time.  I bought her a Plants vs. Zombies conehead zombie figure.  She loved it.

It's kind of cute.

It’s kind of cute.

She bought me a new scarf and a Starbucks gift set that included some coffee, a ceramic mug, and a travel mug.  I do plan to buy her at least one more small gift and just send it to my parents’ house for my mom to wrap (thanks Mom!).

It’s been a pretty good week, and I’m really happy I got to see my family.  It’s definitely the last time I will get to visit with them for the rest of this year.  I hope I can plan something early next year.


Every weekend, Daniel and I wake up in the morning and say “What fun things are we going to do today?”  Usually, we end up on some “adventure”.  These adventures usually aren’t anything too crazy.  Today we just went to the Southpoint Mall in search of a specific Hanukkah gift for his sister Nicole.  We were fortunate enough to have completed our mission (and saved 10% while doing it).  In the process, I also finished holiday shopping for my nieces and nephew.  I never get that sort of thing done this early.  I’m always that person out the weekend before Christmas looking for gifts.  I’ve made it a personal goal not to let that happen this year.

Other adventures have included driving to various GameStops in the area looking for a certain Wii game that Daniel really wanted.  The only reason we didn’t order it online was because we found out we could get it for $5 or less at a store in Morrisville.  Unfortunately, we bought the game used and then found out it didn’t work.  Returning the game was a less fun adventure.

But it’s not just consumer-driven adventures that we go on.  In Rochester, we often went on hikes in the summer.  We’ve been doing that less since we moved here, which is a bummer because the Eno River State Park is very beautiful.  (Daniel, this is a not-so-subtle hint that I think we should go on a hike soon, if the weather is nice and it’s not too cold.)

Sometimes we will hear about an interesting event that’s happening downtown or an art exhibit at the Nasher, and wander on over to check it out. Those can turn into really interesting adventures because you never know what insane things you might see, hear, or be a part of.

Pictured: Daniel (top) and Christine (bottom) adventuring on a gigantic turtle.

There are also lots of bigger adventures that we haven’t gone on yet.  For instance, we’re both anxious to take a trip to New York City, since I haven’t been there in years and I’ve never gone with Daniel.  I’ve never been to Chicago, so I’m dying to visit.  I’ve also never visited to Seatlle, and some of our good friends in Rochester are moving there in January; I hope that we can sync up our schedules to visit them sometime next year.

What adventures have you gone on recently?

Simply Recipes

Whenever Daniel and I are trying to think of something new to make for dinner, we always visit Simply Recipes.  I have no idea how Daniel discovered the site, but it’s been very good to us.  I wish I could make a Top 10 list of dishes to try, but I feel that I’m not qualified since we have only made a small fraction of what is there.  I will emphasize that we have yet to try anything that we didn’t love.

The site is managed by Elise Bauer, with recipes that have been tested by her family or friends.  There is a lot of variety, both with respect to skill level and recipe type.  Most of the recipes are easy enough, but you can decide how complicated you want to make them.  Three of my favorite things about Simply Recipes are that it is well-managed, well-organized, and updated multiple times per week.  Based on the ingredients that are most commonly found in our apartment, Daniel and I typically only visit recipes with egg or chicken in them, but Daniel has also been known to make various homemade soups with the recipes he’s found there.  I’m partial to the mushroom quiche, which I have made numerous times, but if Daniel and I are feeling lazy and have bacon lying around (in the fridge), we always opt for the Quiche Lorraine instead.

Here’s a little anecdote:  I grew up despising quiche.  My mother made quiche once a year, for Christmas.  It was an imitation crabmeat quiche that was always very wet.  She claims that my brother always requests it; I have a hard time believing it.  Then, one day, I had a real quiche that was perfectly cooked and not made with imitation crabmeat (ew).  I didn’t have this quiche until I was 21 years old and visiting Daniel’s family.  I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of eating a quiche, but I had to be polite; it was the first time I was meeting my boyfriend’s family.  His mother made a Quiche Lorraine for dinner one evening and I had to do everything I could to hold back the excitement.  Finally, this was the delicious egg pie everyone spoke of!  Since then, I can hardly get enough quiche in my life.  On a side note, many of the dishes I grew up disliking were simply because they were not made well.  Consistently, Daniel has reintroduced me to some of my least favorite childhood dishes, and they have become my favorites.  Quality of ingredients is important, but it’s more important how you combine those ingredients.  Some things are just never good together, like imitation crabmeat and egg.

I think ice cream is on the menu tonight!