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Daniel’s Family Visits: The Final Day

Today was the last day that Daniel’s mother and sister were here.  Daniel only worked this morning, and spent the afternoon with them.  I think they played more Heroscape.  After I got home and had my (now daily) appletini, we went to dinner at Veneto on East Avenue.  Daniel and I shared a mushroom pizza, while Daniel’s sister had a large plate of angel hair with various flavors associated with it.  Daniel’s mother got some cod on a bed of spinach.  It was a tasty dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

I hope that they enjoyed themselves while they were here.  It was a pleasure having them, and Daniel made the comment that moms are the only kind of guests that leave your house with more food in the fridge and less dirt on the floor.  It’s so true.

George and Nicole.



Today was a very big and exciting day.  I am officially graduated from the University of Rochester.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Genetics.  That sounds really impressive, right?

I was so happy to have my family here, and Daniel was amazing.

We arrived on campus shortly after 7:30am.  I escorted my brother, sister, and Daniel to the Eastman Quadrangle so that they could find seats.  Then I wandered over to Todd Union, since that is where the procession would line up before walking to the Eastman Quad.  It was rainy and cold all day.  And before you ask: No, there were no tents and they did not move it inside.  It did not get out of the 40s all day today, so I sat in the front row shivering while everyone gave their speeches.  I must admit, I really liked Class President JJ’s speech.  I thought it was funny and totally appropriate for the group to which he was speaking.

After the Commencement Ceremony, we had a solid two hours before my degree would be conferred to me in the departmental ceremony.  So I met my friends in Rush Rhees and we all took pictures together.  It was good to do this before everyone left to go to their department ceremonies.  I’m glad I got to see everyone one last time.

My family and I relaxed in Gleason Library, until 12:30pm when I had to leave for the Palestra to line up for the Biology department’s ceremony.   My aunt and uncle decided to attend this ceremony, but skipped this morning’s speeches.  Considering the weather, this was a very good decision.  They handed us sheets with a short message that each of us had to write and send in ahead of time, thanking our families, professors, friends, etc., along with information about our future plans.  The best response I heard was from a girl that said her future plans included “getting down to business to defeat the Huns”.  That’s a Mulan reference, in case you missed it.

After I got my degree, we headed back to the apartment, where there was cheese, grapes, crostinis, cookies, and champagne for a little snack before my family had to leave.  It was so great to see everybody.

It feels good to be done, but I’m going to miss it.  What a bittersweet time it is for all college graduates.  Congratulations to the Class of 2011.  I hope everyone has savored these last few moments of undergrad.


My Last Undergraduate Classes

Yesterday was the last day of classes for the semester.  It was also my last day of undergraduate classes ever.  On Tuesday, when I walked out of my last Sociolinguistics of ASL class, I followed my usual route through the tunnels from the Meliora Building to the library.  I walked up the stairs from the tunnels, and this bizarre feeling washed over me.  It was the realization that it was the last time I would be walking through that tunnel to my next class.

My next class was low-key.  But when I saw Guillaume, I just knew it wouldn’t be the last I saw of him.  And it wasn’t; yesterday I had a meeting with Ted Supalla and Guillaume was in his office…watching the last video I’d sent to him, “One Fine Day”.  Some of you may have heard of the story about a fox who stole a woman’s milk, so she cut off his tail until he gave her milk back.  That was our final assignment for the ASL Literature class with him.  I will probably see him around, because I’ve learned that he is one teacher that you just can’t escape.

Normally, on the last day of classes, I would have some big exam in a biology or physics class…but yesterday we just had a review in Ted’s class.  And that was it.  Nothing.  It was just over, and I walked out.  I have no finals for which I will need to return to campus.  My time spent in those classrooms is truly over.

I feel sad, but excited about the future.  I’m leaving behind this great place, where I have met so many amazing people, and I hope that new adventures will bring me as much happiness as my time at the University of Rochester has brought me.  Despite all of the school’s flaws (and every school has flaws), I wouldn’t be who I am today without the UR.

Rush Rhees and The Eastman Quad.

Short but sweet.

So, while it is true I’ve made myself a list of post topics for this blog, I can’t devote the proper time to any of them tonight.  But coming soon:

A Top 10 list (the topic is a surprise), my new favorite tv show, my all-time favorite hip-hopera (and the only one I’ve ever seen), and spring break!

But, it’s bedtime for me right now, so I can’t do justice to any of these particular topics tonight.

I depart with my daily photos.  These were both taken on campus this afternoon, before Daniel and I came back and watched Independence Day. And oh, what a movie that was.

We love George Eastman here.

He's pointing to the library. And holding a cigarette.

The Great Thaw of 2011

It looked and felt like spring around Rochester today.  Temperatures even got into the 50s (F), which is pretty rare for this time of year.  I snapped a picture of the Eastman quad, and you will notice that most of the snow is gone and it was a beautiful, sunny day (mostly).

We didn't even need to heat the apartment last night!
Green grass! Blue skies! Sun! How can it be?

I tried to get a picture of the chapel behind me, but my camera died.

Today was Career and Internship Day on campus.  I talked to a few potential employers, including Adarza BioSystems, which sounds like it would be ideal for me.  It would be a laboratory job and it would give me great work experience.  We shall see what happens with that.  I also spoke with a woman from Planned Parenthood, but they are only offering unpaid internships, which would be great except that I do have to pay rent, etc.  So that’s out.  The only other table I visited was that for a branch of Americorps, called City Year.  Basically, I would spend a year in a public school tutoring and mentoring kids.  I would get a stipend, some money to pay off loans, and possibly scholarship money towards graduate school.  So that sounded like an amazing option, and I’ve thought about applying to Americorps in the past.  Unfortunately, there are really no City Year locations near Rochester.  I would probably have to move to New York City for a year.  Part of the reason I am taking this year off is not just to get work experience before grad school, but also to stay in Rochester with Daniel until he graduates.  Obviously I need to keep on looking.  A lot of the employers that attended were looking for various engineers.  That’s just not me.

The hunt continues.