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Best Thing / Worst Thing

Every Friday, Daniel and I sit down for dinner and share our best and worst things of the week.  It’s a really nice tradition that he’d always done with his family, and I’m glad he shares it with me now.

My best thing this week was that Daniel actually started his job at Duke, and is therefore much happier than he has been for the past few months.  It was hard to see him so down on himself all of the time because he was struggling to get a job (as many of us have done recently).  Unfortunately, a job does in fact mean that you have to show up at work at a time that your body doesn’t necessarily want to be awake, so he’s been kind of tired lately.  Last night we both fell asleep around 8pm and slept until 9:30pm, at which point we actually cleaned ourselves up and officially went to bed.  My (obvious) advice to you:  don’t take a nap at 8pm.  It really messes with your internal clock.  Ours was more accidental, but if you can avoid it then don’t do it.

I also got paid today, which is always a good thing.  Some of my co-workers and I celebrated by going out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant called La Cocina.  It was pretty tasty for the price, and the service was fast so we could get back to work at a reasonable time.

My worst thing is that sometime before the end of next week, I have to do 8 hours of mandatory overtime so that we can catch up with some of our work.  Now, we’ve had mandatory overtime every month since July, so it’s something I’ve come to dread for a while now, over and over again.  It is nice because I can make a little extra money, but I really dislike going in to work on a day off, and it is really hard staying for an extra hour or two after I’ve already worked an 8 hour day.  But every month I manage to do it, and it becomes worth it once I get paid.

What are your best and worst things this week?


I’m hoping next week will be an R. Kelly themed week.  I have a couple of post ideas rolling around in my head, and I hope to get them written sometime this weekend.  We will see if that happens.  I also really want to see Skyfall, so there may be a post on the way about that.  Stay tuned!


Friday Shenanigans

Tonight was fabulous.  Daniel and I sat down for a lovely Shabbat where he made chicken parmesan.  Because yesterday was Rosh Hashanah, we bought some special challah with raisins and honey in it.  Now, I love challah.  But this…this was delicious.  Right now, I am absolutely addicted to cinnamon raisin bagels, and this bread tasted sort of like that, but with more of that challah flavor that I love.  Greatest combination ever.  Alright, enough raving about some bread.

After dinner, Daniel and I took what was left in of our bottle of wine over to Jenab’s apartment and finished it there while she waited for a friend to arrive from Baltimore.  We chatted for a while about random things, which included renting movies the old-fashioned way, her freshman year, and Senior Ball (which I did not attend this past spring).  I’m so happy she lives nearby so that we can visit her when we choose.  After we left Jenab, we decided that dessert was necessary, and stopped at Magnolia’s.  He got some Irish cream cake, which was pretty good, but it was nothing compared to their bananas foster cheesecake, which I devoured.

Tomorrow my parents are visiting.  I’m pretty excited, but I don’t have too many plans for them yet.  I welcome your suggestions.

This is a very accurate portrayal. Yes, my father is a ginger.

Daniel’s Senior Year Begins

Daniel had his first day of classes for his senior year.  Our little Daniel is growing up so quickly.  I cleaned the entire apartment so that we could enjoy our 4 day weekend together without having to do boring things like vacuum or wash laundry.  Oh, yeah:  Daniel has Fridays off this semester, which he will come to enjoy immensely, I’m sure.  So I guess that means it is officially the weekend for the two of us.  Awesome!



I couldn’t ask for a better Friday.  Daniel and I came home, I cleaned a little, and then I took a quick power nap.  I made dinner for Daniel, which consisted of sun-dried tomato stuffed pasta with alfredo sauce and broccoli.  We drank nearly a bottle and half of wine between us, so I am still feeling pretty good.  We went to visit Matt at the comic store before getting Abbott’s.  (I had sent Matt a text earlier in the day saying that drunk!Christine would make an appearance before the night was over.)

So I’m entirely content.  And now Daniel and I are about to watch some film noir.  Like I said, I couldn’t ask for a better Friday.

Strong Museum of Play. Look how happy I was. On Tuesday, of all days.

It’s Friday, Friday

I’m a little bit jealous of Daniel.  He got to go see Thor today while I was stuck at work.  I suppose I shouldn’t be that jealous since this weekend kicks off SENIOR WEEK!

Here are some of the events that I plan to attend:

Saturday 5/7:  Senior Night Bar Crawl???

This is so convenient for me because all of the bars are around East and Alexander.  So just a few blocks away from my place of residence.  However, it is also Free Comic Book Day at the comic shop, followed by poker at Matt’s and Jessica’s house.  So I’m torn.

Monday 5/9:  Finger Lakes Wine Tour.

It’s what it sounds like.  They are going to provide buses to various wineries for 250 lucky members of the senior class.  Those 250 people will definintely be drunk upon their return to campus.

Monday 5/9:  Movie on The Quad: The Hangover.

I love this movie.  Everything about it was hilarious, but I knew the whole time that he was on the roof.

Tuesday 5/10:  Museum Tour.

I will be skipping the George Eastman House, but I do plan to visit the Strong Museum of Play one more time, as well as the MAG.

Tuesday 5/10:  Senior Night??? 

Still undecided.  It’s on a Tuesday and I have work the next day.

Wednesday 5/11:  Senior Picnic.

Free lunch!

Friday 5/13:  Slide Show and Commencement Rehearsal.

Well, I mean…this is mandatory, so I can’t miss it, right?

Friday 5/13:  Rush Rhees Tower Tours.

In my 5 years at the University, I have never been to the top.  This is truly my last opportunity, and I don’t want to miss it.

Saturday 5/14:  Lilac Festival.

This is another event that I have somehow avoided for the past 5 years (although not purposefully).  I’m excited to take my family the festival, I think they will enjoy themselves.

Saturday 5/14:  Family Night Dessert Reception.

I might have to drag them to this one, since it might be past their bedtime.  I’m not being sarcastic.

Sunday 5/15:  The 161st College Commencement Ceremony.

I can’t wait!  We so excited!

This was taken last night. The Bradford Pear trees are in bloom, beautiful, and stinky.