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Ahh, Tuesday

Another Tuesday, and that means I am about to leave for Taco Tuesday at Matt’s house.  Dennis is back from his vacation, so I’m hoping there will be lots of flushes winning tonight.  Remember, if a flush wins, Dennis takes a shot of caramel Bailey’s.

After Daniel got back from school this afternoon, he seemed a little down, maybe a little stressed.  So I made him watch an episode of Wipeout on Hulu.  Wipeout is an ABC television show were 12 contestants compete across obstacle courses for $50,000.  But really, it’s all about watching a lot of clumsy people run into things and fall into water many feet below them.  I could tell that he enjoyed it because every time a girl leaped onto an obstacle and fell, he laughed.  The women are notoriously bad at Wipeout.  We don’t have a lot of upper body strength and they usually get these puny-looking women that look like they haven’t had a meal in a few weeks.  It is always hilarious to watch the contestants do flips over themselves when they are knocked out by a sweeper arm or run into a moving platform.  Obviously, the big balls are the star of the show, since that is the one obstacle that never changes from season to season.

If you haven’t seen an episode and you enjoy the type of comedy that is usually shown on America’s Funniest Home Videos, definitely go watch.




Daniel and I just watched Clerks.  I have never seen it before and its one of those movies that everyone has seen and if you tell anybody that you haven’t seen it, they are shocked.  So I finally watched it tonight, since it is available on Hulu.  I’d tried to watch it before, but the copy from the Multimedia Center was damaged to the point where you couldn’t get past the first 10 minutes.

After watching it, I was a little disappointed.  I expected it to either be more funny or more interesting.  It was neither.  I was just kind of bored.  To be perfectly honest, I would have liked the original ending, where Dante gets shot in the end by some guy robbing the store.  It would have added a lot more perspective to Dante’s day and to his life.  Throughout the movie, Dante keeps saying how he wasn’t even supposed to be there that day.  So what?  It was an inconvenience and then he gets to close up and go home.  But what if he had died?  You would have looked back on the entire movie and left feeling very different.

I do understand why this movie made Kevin Smith big.  It was the 90’s, and the whole movie was about as Generation X as it gets.  These are the people that probably think everything he’s made since then has been crap.  It wasn’t a terrible movie, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Fish. Random, random fish.


I’ve discovered a reality television show on Hulu called Solitary.  It comes to us courtesy of the Fox Reality Network.  9 contestants are placed into 9 individual pods.  Their only contact is with a “computer” named Val.  She gives them “treatments”, trying to get them to quit.  They are almost always physically taxing.  If a contestant wants to quit, they have to hit a red button inside their cell.  The last person left in Solitary wins money.

The only reason I cannot stop watching this awful show is because I’m almost certain they based Val on GladOS from Portal.  Val physically resembles GladOS and sounds like her as well.  The premise is also similar.  Val is studying these people while she tries to push them to their breaking point by giving them horrible tasks, denies them food and sleep, and keeps them locked in Solitary.  Other than that, it’s essentially the same idea as Fear Factor.


My New Favorite (Animated) TV Show

Recently Daniel made me watch a new cartoon he had discovered on Hulu.  The show was called Bob’s Burgers and the episode was titled “Crawl Space”.  This was the second episode in the season.  Daniel assured me that this particular episode was really funny, but the others were just “okay”.  After watching them, I determined they were not okay, but rather hilarious, especially the episode called “Sacred Cow”.

The show is set in a restaurant that serves primarily burgers.  It is a family-owned restaurant; the family consists of Bob (the father), Linda (the mother), Tina (the oldest daughter), Gene (the son and middle child) and Louise (the youngest daughter).  Tina is just beginning puberty, and is starting to experience all of the awkward, hormonal, and uncomfortable moments of teenagerdom.  Gene is obsessed with his synthesizer and is a pretty hyper kid.  He reminds me of Daniel.  Louise is the most eccentric character.  She always wears a pink hat with bunny ears.  She has a strange obsession with gore and death, and is probably the most funny character on the show (in my opinion).

For a first time viewer, I highly recommend watching the episode titled “Sexy Dance Fighting”, which can be found here on Hulu.com.  Tina decides to join a capoeira class, mostly because she falls in love at first sight with the Brazilian instructor.  Bob does not support her because he believes she has an obligation to the restaurant.  Hilarity ensues, all while making fun of the ridiculous art of “Brazilian dance fighting” known as capoeira.

Here is a short preview from “Crawl Space”, the second episode in the first season, from Youtube.

Bob’s Burgers airs on Fox on Sunday evenings at 8:30pm.  While I enjoy The Cleveland Show occasionally, Seth McFarlane’s schtick is getting pretty old, so if you’re looking for a hilarious animated show a la The Simpsons but with sassier characters, check out Bob’s Burgers.

And, of course, my picture of the day (which was not actually taken today):


Dandelion Square

So I really cheated with this one.  This was taken my freshman year on campus.  5 years ago.  I just re-discovered this photo, which was taken on a much older camera, so the quality isn’t great.  But I still like it.  I love how the sun is reflecting off of Wilson Commons, giving this weird illusion that there are two light sources.