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Park Ave Fest Day 1

Today kicks off the 35th Annual Park Avenue Festival.  We woke up shortly before 10am this morning, and left the apartment around 10:30am.  We walked to Alexander Street, which is at one end of the festival, and then made our way to Culver Street in the opposite direction, which is the other end of the festival.  There are so many booths with interesting crafts.  Kelly bought a little plastic star to fill with colorful sand (as part of a church’s fundraiser) and then she bought a bamboo plant.

Kelly and her star.

Dillon bought some fudge from Stever’s for his family.  Yes, there is quite a variety of goods here, and we haven’t even gotten to the festival food yet.  For lunch, Daniel had fried calamari, Kelly had coconut shrimp and fries, and Dillon had nachos with a cheeseburger.  I opted to find something at the apartment that was NOT fried.  For dessert, Kelly and I bought some Abbott’s custard.  It was phenomenal.

Daniel went to work at the comic store dressed as (wait for it!) The Thing from the Fantastic Four.

It's unsettling.

Matt was dressed as Captain America.  I helped him accessorize by finding a shield.  He attracted a lot of attention.  Tonight we will go to his house to play poker and drink.  It’s been a good festival so far.  I think Kelly and Dillon have enjoyed it, but they are currently splayed out on our apartment floor, exhausted.

This was all Kelly could get when I tried to take a picture with Matt. Her hilarious inability to use a digital camera still amazes me.


Arkham Horror

It was bound to happen eventually.  I missed my first blog post yesterday.  Up until that point, I had been blogging everyday since I started this blog.  Yesterday, it just completely slipped my mind.  Daniel took the afternoon off to come keep me company at the comic store, then we came home and enjoyed dinner together.  After dinner, we went on for a short walk then came back to play a new game Daniel had purchased called Arkham Horror.  It is set in the 1920’s, and each player takes on the role of investigators in H.P. Lovecraft’s town of Arkham, Massachusetts.

Throughout the town, gates are opening to different dimensions and planes.  It is the investigators’ job to close the gates and fight or evade the monsters that come through.  If too many gates open, an Ancient One will awaken and the investigators must battle it to save the town.  Each investigator has different strengths, and they can purchase weapons, spells, and other objects to help battle the monsters.

I enjoyed the game a lot, but it was extraordinarily long.  We started playing last night and had to stop because it was getting too late.  We resumed this morning and didn’t finished until 1pm.  Part of that was because it was our first time playing, and we needed to rely heavily on the rules.  I think now that we have a better feel for it, it won’t take quite so long.

Is that...Cthulhu? No, that's just Kelly trying to dance the Hokey Pokey. Oh thank goodness.

High Falls and Abbott’s Frozen Custard (Finally!)

Today was Kelly’s last day in Rochester.  After a breakfast of leftover quiche, Daniel, Kelly, Dillon, and I went for a leisurely walk until Abbott’s opened.  It was so good to have frozen custard in my tummy again.  Yes, some Abbott’s locations remained open during the long, long winter.  However, it tasted that much better when I had not had any in six months.

Then, since the weather was so beautiful, we took a trip to High Falls.  I guess Kelly really loves High Falls and wanted to show Dillon.

High Falls


We also saw the iconic Kodak building.


The area around High Falls feels a lot like parts of Downtown Durham (except for the chilly weather).  Especially for the buildings overlooking the river, it is a very depressing area.  Everything is just empty, and it is obvious that there were businesses that may have been there recently, but failed and closed.  If Rochester ever sees a another boom, I hope the area overlooking High Falls experiences prosperity once again.

High Falls Historic District

Good Food, Good Company

I think everybody knows my sister was visiting this weekend.  She and her boyfriend, Dillon, arrived last night around 8pm.  Daniel made a delicious meatloaf for dinner.  His is the only meatloaf I have ever craved.  He severely overestimated how much we would need and made two pounds worth of ground beef.  It was gigantic, but between the four of us, we were able to make it through half.  Leftovers are good.

This afternoon Daniel had a job interview, which sounds like it went well.  Then we went the George Eastman House again.  I think they enjoyed the museum.  Earlier tonight we played Setters of Catan and Apples to Apples, then Daniel and I made dinner.  I made a Quiche Lorraine and a mushroom quiche (both of which I had discussed recently in a post about Simply Recipes).

One of the major reasons Kelly decided to visit this weekend instead of last weekend was because we thought Abbott’s would be open.  Abbott’s is a frozen custard shop.  Kelly loves it.   And yes, the store was open today, but we didn’t walk over there until after 9pm, after eating a late dinner.  Unfortunately, they close at 9pm, so my sister will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon if she really wants some frozen custard before she leaves.

So, after that debacle we came back and played some Cranium.  We had played last night; a men vs. women game that Dillon and Daniel won, so tonight we decided to play Couples Cranium.  Daniel and I won.  Are you seeing a theme?  Daniel wins Cranium pretty often.

Dillon and Kelly.

He looks startled and she ducked out of the picture before I was finished taking it.  Here is something much more beautiful:

It was gray today...but this cheered me up.

Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk

Most are aware that Jeff Buckley died in 1997 during recording his second album.  While he had recorded a number of songs and demos in 1996, he was unhappy with their sound and essentially started from scratch in 1997.  What would be released as Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk contained both complete recordings and unfinished demos from both sessions, on two discs.  The first 10 songs of the discs were essentially a complete album that he scrapped, while the last 10 songs (or 11, if you have the non-U.S. version) are mostly demos and home recordings of what we can only assume were to take shape as Buckley’s final product.

What we are left with is something that is most certainly Jeff Buckley, but a departure from Grace.  Something that is not better or worse, but different.  In the first 10 tracks, again he has made something brilliant.  I imagine trying to pick one favorite is akin to choosing a favorite child.  But I do know that I love the cover “Yard of Blonde Girls”, the very sexy “Everybody Here Wants You”, and the biting “Nightmares by the Sea”.  One of the things I love about Jeff Buckley’s work is that there was absolutely no filler on either of the discs (nor was there any on Grace, either).  All of the songs are distinct and each one of them great for their own reason.

As for the last 10 tracks, they feel disappointingly  incomplete, but you can definitely get a sense of the direction in which he might have wanted go, and diehard fans won’t be bothered by their sound.

Kelly is visiting with her boyfriend Dillon. Yay!

Tomorrow I am hoping to do an Hour by Hour post.  Ideally, writing this will serve as enough of a reminder.

I hate to do this, but…

It’s pretty late and I have work e-a-r-l-y tomorrow morning.  So I will give you a preview of what’s coming soon to Christine’s blog:

  • DIY Graduation Announcements
  • My new favorite song
  • ASL Stories (with videos!)
  • This has really inspired me to do an Hour by Hour post.  (Maybe this weekend, while my sister is here.)
  • A guest post by a person to be named at a later date

Until then…

I'm getting really excited for my sister to visit this weekend!

ABC Name Stories and Spring Break.

This week in one of my ASL classes, we had to sign name stories.  So instead of using the ASL alphabet in sequential order (ABC Stories, which I have described before), we used the letters from our first and last names.  Because my name has three E’s and two R’s, this was no easy task, and even my teacher struggled to solve my dilemma.  I ended up cheating a little bit for one of the R’s, but he didn’t seem to mind since it made the story itself flow a bit better.  Perhaps I will share that story in the future, but tonight is not the right time.  I was hoping to have the ABC Story that I recorded last week posted on here tonight, but the internet is just being too slow, and I can’t seem to upload videos at the moment.

In other news, spring break has officially commenced.  So I am actually updating from my hometown tonight, and tomorrow I will be updating from Durham!  Until then…


This is my sister, Kelly

Kelly is my younger sister, and attends Hartwick College in Oneonta.  It is a very small school, but she seems to fit in well there.  I don’t know why she is making the face there, but I like it.  I always look forward to visiting with her when I am home.

I apologize for this post, since it is kind of schizophrenic and mostly pointless.  I had bigger and better plans, but they just didn’t work out tonight.  I will have more exciting things to discuss tomorrow.  But now, I must sleep, since I will be up around 6am tomorrow to depart Unadilla.