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Daniel skipped work today so he could sleep late and spend the day with me.  He slept until almost noon, then we went out to lunch at Sinbad’s.  We haven’t been there since the beginning of the summer, when his mom and sister visited.  I finally decided to get the dolma pita.  It changed my life.  Usually we get the dolmas as appetizers and they are my favorite thing on the menu.  I just assumed that I would then be disappointed with the dolma pita.  How wrong I was.  They just took the same dolmas from the appetizer and wrapped them in a toasted pita with some other delicious veggies and sauces.  So it was like the appetizer but on steroids.  I’m getting hungry thinking about it.

After lunch we went to campus so I could mail a package to my sister and pick up some movies to watch from the Multimedia Center.  Daniel chose Meet the Parents, and we both agreed upon The Phantom of the Opera.  We watched Meet the Parents this afternoon, which Daniel had never seen before.  It’s another movie whose comedy is based on an awkward character (Ben Stiller’s Greg Focker) and uncomfortable moments (that time that he spray-painted a cat’s tail or set the yard on fire) that result from just trying to impress a girl’s father.  I don’t know if Daniel found it very funny.

Game Night at the comic store was kind of a bust tonight.  Matt decided to play HeroClix, which neither Daniel nor I play.  We decided to play Killer Bunnies.  I destroyed him.  It wasn’t really fun for either one of us.  I felt bad about killing all of his bunnies while I had 10 of my own, one of which was essentially immortal.  I don’t think we will play that one again for a little while.

Then we took a very long walk around the neighborhood and discussed what we want to get out of life.  Just another Wednesday night.

One of our many epic walks. Picture courtesy of my sister Kelly.


Exciting Things

One week from tomorrow, Daniel and I will leave for Durham and then onto the beach.  We have many things to keep us busy until then.  Tonight we visited Matt at the comic store for Game Night.  Nobody really came in, and we played Killer Bunnies and poker.  I’m absolutely addicted to poker right now.  While we were playing Killer Bunnies, I dealt 2 cards to each of us, as you would in Texas Hold ‘Em, paused and thought “That doesn’t look right.”  And it wasn’t because you start with 7 cards in Killer Bunnies.  Brain fart?  I think so.

Tomorrow we are going shopping.  We will need food, booze, and a costume for Daniel to wear to Park Ave Fest.

Kelly and Dillon are coming on Friday.  Saturday is the first day of the festival, and then we plan to go to Matt’s house for more poker and drinks.  Kelly doesn’t know how to play, so I’m very excited to teach her.  I’ve heard Dillon is familiar with the game, but I know I will end up schooling him.  I hope all of these plans actually work out, since Dillon has work on Sunday.  I will do my best to convince my sister to leave Sunday morning instead of Saturday night.  That would ruin all of the fun.

Finally, we just have to get through three days next week, and then we leave on Thursday.  I’m so excited.  Everybody needs something good to look forward to.  I’m lucky because I have lots of things in the coming weeks.

In honor of Park Ave Fest 2010. I hope this guy shows up again!

4 Cool Things That Happened Today

1.  I kept Daniel company at the comic store while he worked.  We played a game called Killer Bunnies and I won with the carrot named Flo.  This a very rare occurrence since Flo just never seems to win.

2.  It was Taco Tuesday!  So after Daniel finished working, we went to Matt’s and Jessica’s house and ate tacos for dinner.  Yum.

3.  I won the lightning round of poker at Matt’s and Jessica’s house.  This was after we had played one game of poker already.  In the first game, Daniel and I were the first to be knocked out.

4.  I saw a fox on the side of the road.  It was cute and little and I did not hit or kill it with my car.  Hurray!

This is similar to the picture I posted yesterday, but from a slightly different perspective. I loved everything about this flower when it bloomed.

My Last Dandelion Day.

Yesterday I described a little bit about this year’s Dandelion Day.  Here, I will recount my experience attending D. Day.  Daniel decided not to attend the festivities this year.

I woke up around 10am.  Compared to most, this is very late for Dandelion Day.  Take my friends for example.  I met up with them just after 11am.  They had already started drinking around 9am, and in fact one of them had already vomited once.  So I was starting a bit late.  I arrived in their suite and opened my bottle of Chardonnay.  I had brought a glass to use, but Jenab quickly convinced me to just drink it out of the bottle, as she was doing with her pink “champagne”.  There were only five of us there at that time:  Me, Jenab, Ryan, Matt, and Lisa.  We were all sitting around watching Friends (which someone had on dvd).  Friends is not a funny show.  It only became mildly funny when I was 1/4 of the way finished with my bottle of wine.  That kind of show is just not my cup of tea.  But it was fine.  At one point, Lisa, Ryan, and Matt had all fallen asleep, and Jenab and I were left to make awkward glances at each other.  This was all well before 1pm.  After a bit more wine, a mimosa, and an unsuccessful search for other people to come hang with us, we finally headed over to campus to watch Super Mash Brothers.  DJ Alykhan was just finishing his set when a scrawny white guy walks out onto the stage.  Turns out only one of the Super Mash Brothers actually showed up to “perform”.  So this was even more pathetic than the video I showed yesterday.

The music was awful.  At one point he was playing a mash-up of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” and Fergie’s “London Bridge”.  Trust me when I say it wasn’t the alcohol that was making me feel sick.

After some wandering around, watching Lisa get an airbrushed tattoo, and a few trips to the bathroom, I went back to the Riverview suite with Jenab and Ryan.  They were planning on taking a nap, and I decided to just grab my bag and hit the road.

I got home just before 5pm.  Daniel and I decided to go to the comic store to play some games with Matt.  He was a bit surprised to see us, since he assumed we would be passed out on our backs from all of the drinking.  We ended up playing Settlers of Catan (Daniel won), Poker (I won), and Killer Bunnies (I won).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Dandelion Day.  I know I did.

Photo Credit: Chris Dwight

Above: Super Mash Brother.  I just don’t even understand why he would need an entire stage for this.

Game Night! (And a shameless plug.)

Every Wednesday evening (starting around 7pm), Park Avenue Comics & Games holds their weekly game night.  It’s very informal, but a lot of fun.  This past summer, when Daniel discovered there was a new comic store just blocks from our apartment, he made it his personal goal to become friends with the owners.  Considering the fact that he is now employed by these people, I think he has succeeded.  The store is owned by Matt and Jessica Phillips.  They are two of the nicest people I have ever met.  Daniel and I are frequently invited to their lovely home on Saturday nights to play even more games, and usually to enjoy a few…beverages.

Tonight we played Pirate Fluxx for the first time.  The first time we went to the comic store for game night, we played Zombie Fluxx.  We ended up purchasing the game because it was so much fun.  If you’ve never played a Fluxx game, try it out.  There are a number of variations on the original, including, but not limited to, Jewish Fluxx, Martian Fluxx, Monty Python Fluxx and Eco Fluxx, in addition to the two versions mentioned above.  We also played Killer Bunnies, which is one of my current favorites, and there are a number of expansion decks for it.  I did not participate in Monsterpocalypse tonight, but I have in past weeks.  It’s a confusing game and sometimes I think Matt just makes up rules on the spot.  The problem is that the manual is practically in a different language, so I cannot verify this.  You have to learn a whole new vocabulary to play that game.  But, once you get the hang of it, it is fun.  We have also played games like Settlers of Catan and Zombie Ninja Pirate, as well as others.  Settlers of Catan is my favorite game, by far.  Daniel and I bought the 2-player version, Rivals for Catan, and play it frequently.

In addition to weekly Game Night on Wednesdays, they also have Magic Night on Thursdays (also at 7pm), if you are into that sort of thing.  Daniel and I are not.  This is also very informal, but every Thursday evening, when Daniel and I walk down to the store, there is always a large crowd.  Occasionally, they hold Magic drafts.  I have no idea how these work, but I’ve heard they are pretty laidback and fun.  If you’re looking to meet some new fellow Magic players, I suggest attending Magic Night.

They also have the largest selection of Kidrobot merchandise in the greater Rochester area.  Although I personally struggle to understand why people collect them, they do look pretty cool, and this store has an impressive stock of Dunnies, Chumps, The Simpsons, Futurama, various Kidrobot zipper pulls, and plush toys.  Last Friday, they held a Kidrobot trading event, allowing people to come and try to trade any duplicates they had acquired.  This was only the second trading event they have held so far, but I know they will plan another one soon.

Of course, Daniel’s favorite part of the store is the comics.  They have a huge collection of both current and back issues.  They also carry graphic novels and manga.  Having a comic store right here on Park Ave has made gift-getting an extremely easy task for me, since he collects practically anything related to Spider-Man.  In the past I have surprised him with such issues as #40 and #90 of The Amazing Spider-Man.

So, if you want to check out some new games, to build up your Magic deck (am I using this lingo correctly?), buy a new Dunny, or if you just want to look through some comics, then I suggest you visit Park Avenue Comics & Games.  You can also find them on facebook and twitter.

I did not have the opportunity to take a photo of the storefront this evening, but one will pop up on here eventually.  For right now, I will leave you with this photo.


Park Ave Fest, July 2010


This picture was taken last summer outside of the store.  Matt is in the Robin costume.