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A Day Trip to Rochester

Kelly and I took a short trip to Rochester today. I really wanted to see Matt before he moved to Seattle in January, so my main purpose for the trip was to attend Game Night at the comic store. Kelly and I ate a late lunch at Magnolia’s, and then we went to Wegman’s in Pittsford (or, Mega Weg’s, as some like to call it). I had a request from Adrienne for Cocopop, which I’ve only ever seen at Wegman’s, and Daniel wanted a particular cereal. I do miss Wegman’s.

We also went to Eastview Mall for some holiday shopping. I’m visiting my brother tomorrow, so I wanted to get everything for him, his kids, and my sister-in-law wrapped and ready to go.

Finally, it was time for Game Night. I got to see Matt’s wife and kids briefly, then Kelly dominated us in Settlers of Catan. And then I lost miserably in poker, too. But it was great to see them, and a trip to the store means that Matt gives me and Daniel all of the stuff that they haven’t been able to sell. This includes random, terrible comics and bizarre action figures that probably shouldn’t exist.

I had a good afternoon in Rochester. It was nice to visit, but I don’t think I could ever live there again.


Friday Shenanigans

Tonight was fabulous.  Daniel and I sat down for a lovely Shabbat where he made chicken parmesan.  Because yesterday was Rosh Hashanah, we bought some special challah with raisins and honey in it.  Now, I love challah.  But this…this was delicious.  Right now, I am absolutely addicted to cinnamon raisin bagels, and this bread tasted sort of like that, but with more of that challah flavor that I love.  Greatest combination ever.  Alright, enough raving about some bread.

After dinner, Daniel and I took what was left in of our bottle of wine over to Jenab’s apartment and finished it there while she waited for a friend to arrive from Baltimore.  We chatted for a while about random things, which included renting movies the old-fashioned way, her freshman year, and Senior Ball (which I did not attend this past spring).  I’m so happy she lives nearby so that we can visit her when we choose.  After we left Jenab, we decided that dessert was necessary, and stopped at Magnolia’s.  He got some Irish cream cake, which was pretty good, but it was nothing compared to their bananas foster cheesecake, which I devoured.

Tomorrow my parents are visiting.  I’m pretty excited, but I don’t have too many plans for them yet.  I welcome your suggestions.

This is a very accurate portrayal. Yes, my father is a ginger.

Lazy Saturday

Today has been a lazy Saturday.  Daniel and I have taken a few walks around the neighborhood, but mostly we have sat in our air-conditioned room either reading or watching episodes of Seinfeld on my computer.  We did try to meet up with our friend Dennis, since he had posted on Facebook that he was at Half Pint and Magnolia’s, but we missed him (both times).  I hope we will see him this evening when we got to Matt’s house for grilled meat and alcoholic beverages.  And poker, of course.

A picture of a small friend for a small entry.

Bananas Foster, Beer, and Catan

My mom is in town, which is great.  She arrived this afternoon and we decided to grab some lunch at Magnolia’s.  We shared a tuna sandwich (which was so much more than a tuna sandwich) and then a dessert of bananas foster cheesecake.  It was phenomenal.  I’ve never had anything that was less than delicious at that restaurant.

After Daniel came home, we went to The Magpie for some beer.  Daniel was ecstatic, because being 21 is still novel to him.  We all had Bass, which was the special of the day.  Daniel and I have never been to The Magpie, and I think we were pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere.  Despite the lower prices, I would still take The Old Toad over The Magpie any day.  You can’t beat the atmosphere of The Old Toad.

Then we head over to Game Night at Park Avenue Comics & Games.  We convinced my mom to play one game of Settlers of Catan with me, Daniel, and Dennis.  She almost won, but Dennis beat her.  Daniel and I weren’t even close.  I think she had a good time.  Then we headed home to eat dinner.

It was a good day.  I’m glad she’s in town.  I also found out from Daniel that I would be working my first shift at the comic store this Friday, from 12pm until 6pm.  So come visit me!!


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day.

Things are slowly starting to look more like spring here in Rochester.  It’s even supposed to be in the 50s (F) on Friday.  This is good because, at this point, there is a very thick layer of ice covering the sidewalks, making it extremely difficult and dangerous to walk anywhere.

So like many couples, Daniel and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going out for dinner.  We went to Magnolia’s (http://www.magnoliascafe.com/) on Park Ave, a great little cafe and deli with excellent soups and sandwiches.  I always get their delicious creamy tomato soup.  Although I have not yet tried them, I’ve heard their pizzas are also highly recommended.  I can’t wait for warmer weather, when all of the restaurants will open up onto the sidewalks and you can enjoy a meal in the fresh air.

I suppose I will keep this entry short tonight, since most of my day was spent either in class or at work.  I work in the Graduate Medical Education Office in the University of Rochester Medical Center.  It pays the bills.  However, I did send off my resume to the cytogenetics department.  They had posted a job online that sounded like it could be a good fit for me.  My only real drawback is that I lack experience.

Here are a couple of pictures from this past weekend, and one that I took tonight.


Celebrating Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

The above picture was taken at the “Hipster and Glitter Party” or, as it was later renamed “Abraham Lincoln’s Brithday Party”.  My friends Matt and Ryan are pictured, with hats that they had crafted themselves.  The original theme idea was for the men to dress like hipsters while the ladies dress like Ke$ha.  Since Daniel and I planned to see a screening of Casablanca later that night, we opted not to dress up for the party, although we love themed parties.  Maybe someday I will post the picture taken of me and Daniel before the “Housewives and Poolboys” party.  Since Daniel was in a pink speedo, I will leave that decision up to him.



My Latest Addiction

A (Blurry) View From My Window