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A Day Trip to Rochester

Kelly and I took a short trip to Rochester today. I really wanted to see Matt before he moved to Seattle in January, so my main purpose for the trip was to attend Game Night at the comic store. Kelly and I ate a late lunch at Magnolia’s, and then we went to Wegman’s in Pittsford (or, Mega Weg’s, as some like to call it). I had a request from Adrienne for Cocopop, which I’ve only ever seen at Wegman’s, and Daniel wanted a particular cereal. I do miss Wegman’s.

We also went to Eastview Mall for some holiday shopping. I’m visiting my brother tomorrow, so I wanted to get everything for him, his kids, and my sister-in-law wrapped and ready to go.

Finally, it was time for Game Night. I got to see Matt’s wife and kids briefly, then Kelly dominated us in Settlers of Catan. And then I lost miserably in poker, too. But it was great to see them, and a trip to the store means that Matt gives me and Daniel all of the stuff that they haven’t been able to sell. This includes random, terrible comics and bizarre action figures that probably shouldn’t exist.

I had a good afternoon in Rochester. It was nice to visit, but I don’t think I could ever live there again.



Daniel skipped work today so he could sleep late and spend the day with me.  He slept until almost noon, then we went out to lunch at Sinbad’s.  We haven’t been there since the beginning of the summer, when his mom and sister visited.  I finally decided to get the dolma pita.  It changed my life.  Usually we get the dolmas as appetizers and they are my favorite thing on the menu.  I just assumed that I would then be disappointed with the dolma pita.  How wrong I was.  They just took the same dolmas from the appetizer and wrapped them in a toasted pita with some other delicious veggies and sauces.  So it was like the appetizer but on steroids.  I’m getting hungry thinking about it.

After lunch we went to campus so I could mail a package to my sister and pick up some movies to watch from the Multimedia Center.  Daniel chose Meet the Parents, and we both agreed upon The Phantom of the Opera.  We watched Meet the Parents this afternoon, which Daniel had never seen before.  It’s another movie whose comedy is based on an awkward character (Ben Stiller’s Greg Focker) and uncomfortable moments (that time that he spray-painted a cat’s tail or set the yard on fire) that result from just trying to impress a girl’s father.  I don’t know if Daniel found it very funny.

Game Night at the comic store was kind of a bust tonight.  Matt decided to play HeroClix, which neither Daniel nor I play.  We decided to play Killer Bunnies.  I destroyed him.  It wasn’t really fun for either one of us.  I felt bad about killing all of his bunnies while I had 10 of my own, one of which was essentially immortal.  I don’t think we will play that one again for a little while.

Then we took a very long walk around the neighborhood and discussed what we want to get out of life.  Just another Wednesday night.

One of our many epic walks. Picture courtesy of my sister Kelly.

Park Ave Fest Day 1

Today kicks off the 35th Annual Park Avenue Festival.  We woke up shortly before 10am this morning, and left the apartment around 10:30am.  We walked to Alexander Street, which is at one end of the festival, and then made our way to Culver Street in the opposite direction, which is the other end of the festival.  There are so many booths with interesting crafts.  Kelly bought a little plastic star to fill with colorful sand (as part of a church’s fundraiser) and then she bought a bamboo plant.

Kelly and her star.

Dillon bought some fudge from Stever’s for his family.  Yes, there is quite a variety of goods here, and we haven’t even gotten to the festival food yet.  For lunch, Daniel had fried calamari, Kelly had coconut shrimp and fries, and Dillon had nachos with a cheeseburger.  I opted to find something at the apartment that was NOT fried.  For dessert, Kelly and I bought some Abbott’s custard.  It was phenomenal.

Daniel went to work at the comic store dressed as (wait for it!) The Thing from the Fantastic Four.

It's unsettling.

Matt was dressed as Captain America.  I helped him accessorize by finding a shield.  He attracted a lot of attention.  Tonight we will go to his house to play poker and drink.  It’s been a good festival so far.  I think Kelly and Dillon have enjoyed it, but they are currently splayed out on our apartment floor, exhausted.

This was all Kelly could get when I tried to take a picture with Matt. Her hilarious inability to use a digital camera still amazes me.

Park Ave Fest is Upon Us!

Kelly and Dillon are on their way to Rochester as I type this very sentence.  Today was spent getting ready for this weekend.  For me, that included cleaning the house, a lot.  I tidied, I scrubbed, I swept, I washed.  When Daniel got home, we walked to Dogtown for their special of the day, a lobster roll.  Kelly and Dillon aren’t going to arrive until almost 10pm, so we will be having a very late dinner; Daniel felt we needed a snack to satisfy our hunger until then.  And what a delicious lobster roll it was.

For dinner, we prepared some stuffed shells.  We are waiting to pop them in the oven until Dillon and Kelly are closer so that dinner will be hot when they arrive.  I’ve already downed one appletini.  Maybe I will keep a tally this weekend.

After prepping the shells, we walked to the comic store.  Tomorrow is going to be huge and I know they are discounting everything.  So if you have been eyeing anything, this weekend is the time to buy it.  Daniel helped Matt set up the tent while I tended to the store.  I am now competent at working the register.  Hurray!  After the tent was set up, I made some charts for Matt for the Magic draft he is holding tonight.  It was a Wacky Draft.  I have no idea what this means, but everybody that came seemed excited about it.

Finally, we walked to Wegmans to pick up a few other things for dinner.  On the way back, I stopped into CVS to pick up a gift for tomorrow’s poker game at Matt’s house.  The only guideline that it must be a gift of $5 or less.  Mine is awesome, and Daniel agrees.

Brand new pictures will be happening tomorrow. Until then: more views of Bald Head. I'm the one under the towel-tent.

Thursday Shopping

Thursday is the day we always go shopping for groceries.  Typically, Daniel comes home Thursday afternoon, we make a list, and then drive to the Pittsford Wegmans.  Today was a little different.  I told Daniel I would meet him on campus, and then we could go shopping in Henrietta.  So I rode the bus to campus and Daniel left work a little early, at 3pm.  We drove to Henrietta, but instead of going straight to Wegmans, we stopped at the mall.  On Saturday, Park Ave Fest begins.  All of Daniel’s friends at the comic store are dressing up like their favorite heroes.  Daniel didn’t want to be left out, so we had to pick up a costume for him.  I won’t spoil it.  There will be pictures of him in costume this weekend at the festival, but I highly recommend seeing it for yourself if you can make it over here.  It will be worth it.

After he found his costume, we did go to Wegmans to pick up supplies for dinner tomorrow night.  As I’ve mentioned, my sister Kelly and her boyfriend Dillon are visiting this weekend.  For tomorrow’s dinner, we decided on stuffed shells with spinach and sausage.  My stomach is growling just thinking about it.

Lastly, we had to stop at Marketview Liquor.  I picked up some Sour Apple Schnapps for when we go to the beach.  I also picked up a bottle of wine for myself for Saturday.  It’s going to be a great festival.

I hope to see some familiar faces, but I know it will be crowded.  Try to stop by the comic store and visit Daniel!

Another random image from Bald Head. Can you tell I'm excited?

Exciting Things

One week from tomorrow, Daniel and I will leave for Durham and then onto the beach.  We have many things to keep us busy until then.  Tonight we visited Matt at the comic store for Game Night.  Nobody really came in, and we played Killer Bunnies and poker.  I’m absolutely addicted to poker right now.  While we were playing Killer Bunnies, I dealt 2 cards to each of us, as you would in Texas Hold ‘Em, paused and thought “That doesn’t look right.”  And it wasn’t because you start with 7 cards in Killer Bunnies.  Brain fart?  I think so.

Tomorrow we are going shopping.  We will need food, booze, and a costume for Daniel to wear to Park Ave Fest.

Kelly and Dillon are coming on Friday.  Saturday is the first day of the festival, and then we plan to go to Matt’s house for more poker and drinks.  Kelly doesn’t know how to play, so I’m very excited to teach her.  I’ve heard Dillon is familiar with the game, but I know I will end up schooling him.  I hope all of these plans actually work out, since Dillon has work on Sunday.  I will do my best to convince my sister to leave Sunday morning instead of Saturday night.  That would ruin all of the fun.

Finally, we just have to get through three days next week, and then we leave on Thursday.  I’m so excited.  Everybody needs something good to look forward to.  I’m lucky because I have lots of things in the coming weeks.

In honor of Park Ave Fest 2010. I hope this guy shows up again!

Arkham Horror

It was bound to happen eventually.  I missed my first blog post yesterday.  Up until that point, I had been blogging everyday since I started this blog.  Yesterday, it just completely slipped my mind.  Daniel took the afternoon off to come keep me company at the comic store, then we came home and enjoyed dinner together.  After dinner, we went on for a short walk then came back to play a new game Daniel had purchased called Arkham Horror.  It is set in the 1920’s, and each player takes on the role of investigators in H.P. Lovecraft’s town of Arkham, Massachusetts.

Throughout the town, gates are opening to different dimensions and planes.  It is the investigators’ job to close the gates and fight or evade the monsters that come through.  If too many gates open, an Ancient One will awaken and the investigators must battle it to save the town.  Each investigator has different strengths, and they can purchase weapons, spells, and other objects to help battle the monsters.

I enjoyed the game a lot, but it was extraordinarily long.  We started playing last night and had to stop because it was getting too late.  We resumed this morning and didn’t finished until 1pm.  Part of that was because it was our first time playing, and we needed to rely heavily on the rules.  I think now that we have a better feel for it, it won’t take quite so long.

Is that...Cthulhu? No, that's just Kelly trying to dance the Hokey Pokey. Oh thank goodness.