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A Day Trip to Rochester

Kelly and I took a short trip to Rochester today. I really wanted to see Matt before he moved to Seattle in January, so my main purpose for the trip was to attend Game Night at the comic store. Kelly and I ate a late lunch at Magnolia’s, and then we went to Wegman’s in Pittsford (or, Mega Weg’s, as some like to call it). I had a request from Adrienne for Cocopop, which I’ve only ever seen at Wegman’s, and Daniel wanted a particular cereal. I do miss Wegman’s.

We also went to Eastview Mall for some holiday shopping. I’m visiting my brother tomorrow, so I wanted to get everything for him, his kids, and my sister-in-law wrapped and ready to go.

Finally, it was time for Game Night. I got to see Matt’s wife and kids briefly, then Kelly dominated us in Settlers of Catan. And then I lost miserably in poker, too. But it was great to see them, and a trip to the store means that Matt gives me and Daniel all of the stuff that they haven’t been able to sell. This includes random, terrible comics and bizarre action figures that probably shouldn’t exist.

I had a good afternoon in Rochester. It was nice to visit, but I don’t think I could ever live there again.


Forgive Me, Readers, For I Have Sinned

It has been 3 days since my last update.  I’m going through a bit of a weird time right now.  I did not discuss my last Saturday night, so I will do that now.

On Saturday, after Roc Con, we went to Matt’s house for food, drinks, and poker.  I was ecstatic to hear that he was ordering pizza because Daniel and I haven’t had pizza in forever.  Salvatore’s is delicious, I recommend their business.  I will just throw that out there.  It was a pretty good turnout, considering that, for a few weeks, it was just me and Daniel showing up to their house and eating their food.  Jess’s brother Sean was there; we haven’t seen him since probably Park Ave Fest.  He is fun to hang around, so that was awesome.  Dan and Karen didn’t show up until later.  We haven’t seen them since Park Ave Fest either.  They don’t seem to come around the store as often now that they have moved out of the neighborhood, which is such a bummer.  But I want to give my very official congratulations to them because they recently got engaged!  He proposed while they were on vacation in Disney World.  It sounded amazing.  I’m so happy for them; they are two of the nicest people you could ever meet.  Also, Daniel and Dan get along really well because they can both nerd out together about comic books, more so than anyone else I know.

It was a great night, and I almost won the poker game.  Daniel pulled ahead in the end.  I’m so proud because I taught him everything he knows.

Tonight was Taco Tuesday which is always a pleasure.  I actually worked at the comic store this afternoon, but because it was a Tuesday, business was slow.  After Daniel finished his shift and closed up the store, we headed over to their house for tacos and a few rounds of poker.  Daniel won again!  Just another sign of Armageddon.  That, and the fact the Bills are 3-0.  I think I’m starting to believe that the world might end next year, especially if the Bills miraculously make it to the Super Bowl.  God help us if they win.

I’ll try to resume my regular updates again.  My life has been boring lately, so I haven’t had much to write about.  I hope that changes soon!

Yes, I miss when my life was like this every day.

This picture was taken literally moments before I dumped that glass of wine all over my Fantastic Four shirt and my newest bathing suit underneath it.  Awesome.

Ahh, Tuesday

Another Tuesday, and that means I am about to leave for Taco Tuesday at Matt’s house.  Dennis is back from his vacation, so I’m hoping there will be lots of flushes winning tonight.  Remember, if a flush wins, Dennis takes a shot of caramel Bailey’s.

After Daniel got back from school this afternoon, he seemed a little down, maybe a little stressed.  So I made him watch an episode of Wipeout on Hulu.  Wipeout is an ABC television show were 12 contestants compete across obstacle courses for $50,000.  But really, it’s all about watching a lot of clumsy people run into things and fall into water many feet below them.  I could tell that he enjoyed it because every time a girl leaped onto an obstacle and fell, he laughed.  The women are notoriously bad at Wipeout.  We don’t have a lot of upper body strength and they usually get these puny-looking women that look like they haven’t had a meal in a few weeks.  It is always hilarious to watch the contestants do flips over themselves when they are knocked out by a sweeper arm or run into a moving platform.  Obviously, the big balls are the star of the show, since that is the one obstacle that never changes from season to season.

If you haven’t seen an episode and you enjoy the type of comedy that is usually shown on America’s Funniest Home Videos, definitely go watch.


Taco Tuesday, Jerry’s Birthday, and Some Positivity.

It’s Tuesday and I’m pretty excited to head to Matt’s house for Taco Tuesday.  It is Jerry’s birthday and we are going to play Settlers of Catan.  Of course, I hope this doesn’t mean we aren’t also going to play cards.  It’s been quite some time since we have had enough people to have a good game of poker.  And I’m feeling very lucky.

Yesterday I went to Boulder on Park for the first time.  I met Jenab for lunch, except that I didn’t eat lunch.  I just had a smoothie since I wasn’t very hungry at the time.  We were served by this total hipster white boy with dreads.  I guess it takes all kinds of people to run the world.  And it takes hipsters to run coffee shops.

Do you ever have those days where you just feel good?  Well, that’s how I’m feeling today.


The Countdown is Over!

Tomorrow Daniel and I leave for Durham!  I’m so giddy that I didn’t even care about losing in poker during Game Night at the comic store tonight.  And I don’t mean I just lost, I mean I was consistently out of chips.  Over and over again.  It was sad, really.

We have a bit of packing left to do, but we are definitely ready to leave.  We’ve packed the Sour Apple Schnapps and the bathing suits.  That’s all you need for a week at the beach, right?

It actually looks like she's blowing this bubble from her mouth.

Poker and Park Ave Fest Day 2

Kelly and Dillon decided not to go to Matt’s house for poker last night, which was a shame, but Dillon had to work at 8am this morning.  There’s always next time.

Daniel and I had a fantastic time last night.  We ate hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner, and then poker started.  I had excellent luck.  I think it had something to do with drinking my wine straight out of the bottle.  I ended up coming in second when we decided to stop playing.  Dennis came in first with the most chips.  So what this means is that he got to choose his prize last, and he had the option to take a prize from anyone who had opened their prize before him.  I clearly got the best prize of the night.  Mine was a little game called Doody Head.

Doody Head comes with 3 doodies and a cap that one player ties to their head to then catch the doodies that other players throw at him or her.  On the front of the box, they try to entice you by saying “Try and catch the doody onto your head to find out who is the ultimate Doody Head!”  The back of the box goes on to describe its contents:  “Super squidgy doodies with a grippy hat for doody heading antics!”  Yes, I certainly chose the best prize.  But that’s not all I got.

During the last hand we played, I ended up winning with a full house, beating out two people with flushes.  Everyone was pretty surprised by this, so they agreed that I should win the prize for “Best Hand”.  This prize was Don’t Hassel the Hoff, the autobiography of David Hasselhoff.  I can’t imagine why, but it had been discounted down to only $1 when Jill found it for the party.  Expect a post on that in the coming weeks, with excerpts and all.  It’s perfect beach reading, and that’s precisely what I plan to do with it.

I think this picture was taken on Steve's or Sara's phone, so it's a little fuzzy. But I think it really captures how Daniel is the ultimate Doody Head.

Park Ave Fest Day 1

Today kicks off the 35th Annual Park Avenue Festival.  We woke up shortly before 10am this morning, and left the apartment around 10:30am.  We walked to Alexander Street, which is at one end of the festival, and then made our way to Culver Street in the opposite direction, which is the other end of the festival.  There are so many booths with interesting crafts.  Kelly bought a little plastic star to fill with colorful sand (as part of a church’s fundraiser) and then she bought a bamboo plant.

Kelly and her star.

Dillon bought some fudge from Stever’s for his family.  Yes, there is quite a variety of goods here, and we haven’t even gotten to the festival food yet.  For lunch, Daniel had fried calamari, Kelly had coconut shrimp and fries, and Dillon had nachos with a cheeseburger.  I opted to find something at the apartment that was NOT fried.  For dessert, Kelly and I bought some Abbott’s custard.  It was phenomenal.

Daniel went to work at the comic store dressed as (wait for it!) The Thing from the Fantastic Four.

It's unsettling.

Matt was dressed as Captain America.  I helped him accessorize by finding a shield.  He attracted a lot of attention.  Tonight we will go to his house to play poker and drink.  It’s been a good festival so far.  I think Kelly and Dillon have enjoyed it, but they are currently splayed out on our apartment floor, exhausted.

This was all Kelly could get when I tried to take a picture with Matt. Her hilarious inability to use a digital camera still amazes me.