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I couldn’t ask for a better Friday.  Daniel and I came home, I cleaned a little, and then I took a quick power nap.  I made dinner for Daniel, which consisted of sun-dried tomato stuffed pasta with alfredo sauce and broccoli.  We drank nearly a bottle and half of wine between us, so I am still feeling pretty good.  We went to visit Matt at the comic store before getting Abbott’s.  (I had sent Matt a text earlier in the day saying that drunk!Christine would make an appearance before the night was over.)

So I’m entirely content.  And now Daniel and I are about to watch some film noir.  Like I said, I couldn’t ask for a better Friday.

Strong Museum of Play. Look how happy I was. On Tuesday, of all days.


This Week

This was my last week to relax before I start training and work next week.  It’s been interesting.  Normally I am the one working full-time while Daniel sits at home and does Daniel-things.  But this week, we have taken opposite roles.  Daniel is learning that it’s kind of tiring working 40 hours per week in a really boring job.  And I’m learning that being home alone can get lonely…but mostly it is just relaxed and awesome.  Of course, I’ve been keeping the apartment very clean, but I’ve rarely had this much time on my hands in the past 3 years.  I’ve even shaved my legs everyday this week.  Daniel has had it too good for too long!

The Incredible Hulk.

Catan Dice Game

As a graduation gift, Matt decided to give me the Catan Dice Game.  Daniel and I had been eyeing it for a while, so this was a great gift.  We’ve played it 4 times now.  The box really comes with 2 games.  In one of the games, each person takes turn rolling dice and building roads, settlements, cities, and knights in a sequential order determined by the sheet provided.  Each successive settlement, knight, and city is worth more than the last, and you try to accrue as many points as possible.

The second game is more like a travel version of the original Settlers of Catan, where you are trying to win with 10 victory points; settlements are worth 1 victory point, cities are worth 2, and each player tries to obtain points for having the largest army and longest road.

Each person takes a turn.  A turn consists of rolling the 6 dice and trying to build as many things as possible with the resources you have rolled.  You get three rolls per turn, and if you get brick on the first turn, but no wood, you can set aside the brick in case you get wood so that you can build a road before your turn ends.  At most, you can use 6 resources per turn.  So even though you roll the dice 3 times, you make what you can with those three rolls.  But you can’t build a road on the first turn, and then roll again with those two dice.

It’s a fun travel-version of Catan, and an awesome graduation gift.

I love fish.

Strong Museum of Play

This afternoon Daniel and I visited the Strong National Museum of Play.  They had a great discount on tickets, a buy-one-get-one-free sort of deal.  Of course, Class President JJ said that tickets were only $8 when in fact they were $12.

This was my second visit to the museum.  The place is gigantic.  Daniel really wanted to see the American Comic Book Heroes exhibit.  It was a lot of fun.  He ran around pointing out all of the cool comics they had on display.

Daniel with The Man of Steel.

My favorite exhibit is Sesame Street.  Even though I’d already taken a number of pictures at that exhibit during my last trip, I took more this time.

Daniel and Big Bird.

It’s such an interesting place.  They have a lot of hands-on things for kids to play with, but it’s also a toy  museum.  On the second floor they have cases and cases full of old toys like dolls and games, as well as all of the random classic toys you had a as a kid, like a phone similar to the one found in Toy Story 3.

It’s a great place for children, but there are also lots of activities for adults too.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to go to the museum again.

Senior Week in Full Swing!

I’ve had a crazy busy day today.  So unfortunately I have very little time to post about all of the exciting things that I did.  But I will have more time to write about them tomorrow.  Daniel and I are also planning to go to the Strong Museum of Play, so expect a post about that in the very near future.

Another image from Free Comic Book Day. Matt dressed as Robin.

It’s Friday, Friday

I’m a little bit jealous of Daniel.  He got to go see Thor today while I was stuck at work.  I suppose I shouldn’t be that jealous since this weekend kicks off SENIOR WEEK!

Here are some of the events that I plan to attend:

Saturday 5/7:  Senior Night Bar Crawl???

This is so convenient for me because all of the bars are around East and Alexander.  So just a few blocks away from my place of residence.  However, it is also Free Comic Book Day at the comic shop, followed by poker at Matt’s and Jessica’s house.  So I’m torn.

Monday 5/9:  Finger Lakes Wine Tour.

It’s what it sounds like.  They are going to provide buses to various wineries for 250 lucky members of the senior class.  Those 250 people will definintely be drunk upon their return to campus.

Monday 5/9:  Movie on The Quad: The Hangover.

I love this movie.  Everything about it was hilarious, but I knew the whole time that he was on the roof.

Tuesday 5/10:  Museum Tour.

I will be skipping the George Eastman House, but I do plan to visit the Strong Museum of Play one more time, as well as the MAG.

Tuesday 5/10:  Senior Night??? 

Still undecided.  It’s on a Tuesday and I have work the next day.

Wednesday 5/11:  Senior Picnic.

Free lunch!

Friday 5/13:  Slide Show and Commencement Rehearsal.

Well, I mean…this is mandatory, so I can’t miss it, right?

Friday 5/13:  Rush Rhees Tower Tours.

In my 5 years at the University, I have never been to the top.  This is truly my last opportunity, and I don’t want to miss it.

Saturday 5/14:  Lilac Festival.

This is another event that I have somehow avoided for the past 5 years (although not purposefully).  I’m excited to take my family the festival, I think they will enjoy themselves.

Saturday 5/14:  Family Night Dessert Reception.

I might have to drag them to this one, since it might be past their bedtime.  I’m not being sarcastic.

Sunday 5/15:  The 161st College Commencement Ceremony.

I can’t wait!  We so excited!

This was taken last night. The Bradford Pear trees are in bloom, beautiful, and stinky.