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I wish that I had anything at all to write about tonight.  Daniel and I haven’t gone on a good adventure in a while.  Tomorow is Roc-Con, so maybe I will have Daniel do a guest post about that.  He will be there all day and, ideally, he will have met at least one interesting person to talk about.

I might have used this before, but it's lovely enough to look at again.


Bald Head Island Day 7

Today was our last full day here.  Tomorrow we leave for the ferry around 10am.  It’s been a good week.  I’ve enjoyed myself.  I spent my last day sunning on the beach, briefly swimming in the ocean, driving around the island with Daniel, and enjoying some appletinis.  I will be sad to leave tomorrow, and even more sad to drive the 3 hours back to Durham.

Another beautiful shot of yesterday's sunrise.

The Great Thaw of 2011

It looked and felt like spring around Rochester today.  Temperatures even got into the 50s (F), which is pretty rare for this time of year.  I snapped a picture of the Eastman quad, and you will notice that most of the snow is gone and it was a beautiful, sunny day (mostly).

We didn't even need to heat the apartment last night!
Green grass! Blue skies! Sun! How can it be?

I tried to get a picture of the chapel behind me, but my camera died.

Today was Career and Internship Day on campus.  I talked to a few potential employers, including Adarza BioSystems, which sounds like it would be ideal for me.  It would be a laboratory job and it would give me great work experience.  We shall see what happens with that.  I also spoke with a woman from Planned Parenthood, but they are only offering unpaid internships, which would be great except that I do have to pay rent, etc.  So that’s out.  The only other table I visited was that for a branch of Americorps, called City Year.  Basically, I would spend a year in a public school tutoring and mentoring kids.  I would get a stipend, some money to pay off loans, and possibly scholarship money towards graduate school.  So that sounded like an amazing option, and I’ve thought about applying to Americorps in the past.  Unfortunately, there are really no City Year locations near Rochester.  I would probably have to move to New York City for a year.  Part of the reason I am taking this year off is not just to get work experience before grad school, but also to stay in Rochester with Daniel until he graduates.  Obviously I need to keep on looking.  A lot of the employers that attended were looking for various engineers.  That’s just not me.

The hunt continues.

We live in a funny society.

See this bag?

This is a nylon tote bag.

This nylon bag costs upwards of $150.  It is a fairly plain-looking nylon tote bag.  So why the huge price tag?  I think the answer is simple:  people (girls) will buy anything as long as it has the right name stamped onto it.  I, too, have a nylon tote bag.  I paid $12 for it (on sale, of course), it’s larger than the one pictured above, and it has more inner pockets.

I’ve seen this bag popping up all around my university’s campus.  At first, I couldn’t get close enough to the type of girl that typically carries one to figure out the designer or brand.  Although, there was one incidence where I was walking behind a girl with this bag, and tried to follow close enough to see a label.  This resulted in me nearly  falling down all the stairs of Wilson Commons.  Unlike most women, I’m just not that well-versed in designer or brand names.  Honestly, I assumed it was a Ralph Lauren.  Lo and behold, even when I googled Ralph Lauren bags, this one happened to pop up.  That was how I discovered it was the Longchamp Le Pliage.

What’s more disturbing to me is that, compared to most handbags or other designer totes, this pricetag isn’t even that high.  I mentioned Ralph Lauren.  They have a similar-looking canvas tote on their website for over $200.  But the worst thing about this situation, is that I actually kind of want this bag.  Their medium Le Pliage looks like it would be the perfect size for an everyday bag.  That’s another thing I cannot figure out: girls purchase this bag with its ridiculous pricetag and then treat it like garbage by overstuffing it with textbooks and laptops, setting it on the dirty floor of the campus Starbucks (they are always at Starbucks), or neglecting it in various other ways.  Yes, it’s a nylon bag…but it is still a $150 nylon bag that should be cared for properly.  Maybe for some people, that kind of money is a bit more disposable.  I’m sure it’s a fine bag, but I guess for now I will stick with my more modest $12 tote.

I will leave on a positive note.  It’s starting to look like spring.  I even got a picture of the sun reflecting off of the Medical Center and MRB.  Not my best work, but I couldn’t bring myself to stand in the middle of the sidewalk taking a picture of the Med Center.  I quickly snapped this shot as I walked to my car.


It was sunny today.


And although you can’t see it here, grass is beginning to reappear around Rochester.  Slowly.