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Wrapping Up My Mini-Vacation in Unadilla

I’ve survived this week in Unadilla and tomorrow I head back to North Carolina.  I’m so excited.  I’ve missed Daniel, and I’ve missed the warm weather.  It’s supposed to be in the 60s and 70s for most of next week, so I’m pretty anxious for that.  I spent the afternoon packing up my stuff and taking the time to clean out my childhood room, since I never really did that after I moved out a few years ago.  And when I wasn’t packing or cleaning, I was fighting with the puppy.  She really likes to grab socks, and then run away.  She also likes bras, apparently.

Yesterday I took a trip to my brother’s house in Herkimer to visit him and his family.  His kids are adorable.  Gavin is already 7, but he’s really tall.  Tall genes run on both sides of his family.  He’s also pretty smart and is all-around a really good kid, just a pleasure to be around.  I can’t say that about a lot of 7-year-olds.  For Christmas, I bought him some Legos, which he put together immediately.  He was very happy and played with them for the rest of the evening.  Lily is much bigger than when I last saw her.  She loves when people read to her.  I actually bought her a book for Christmas that is about a ballerina named Lily and came with a necklace in the shape of ballet slippers.  Her reaction was to try to hide the book in between the couch cushions and yell, “No, I’m Lily!”.  It was pretty cute.  After she settled down, she let me read it to her (twice) and she really liked it.  I bought Paige a stuffed giraffe, but since she is not even 1 and 1/2 yet, she didn’t really care either way.  Oh well.

I drove to my sister’s apartment earlier this evening so we could exchange gifts.  She was a little drunk, so I don’t know how much she really liked her gift, but she got very excited at the time.  I bought her a Plants vs. Zombies conehead zombie figure.  She loved it.

It's kind of cute.

It’s kind of cute.

She bought me a new scarf and a Starbucks gift set that included some coffee, a ceramic mug, and a travel mug.  I do plan to buy her at least one more small gift and just send it to my parents’ house for my mom to wrap (thanks Mom!).

It’s been a pretty good week, and I’m really happy I got to see my family.  It’s definitely the last time I will get to visit with them for the rest of this year.  I hope I can plan something early next year.


On the Way Home…

As this post is being published, I am driving to Upstate New York to visit my family.  I haven’t been back since February, but I’m sure it hasn’t changed much.

I just want to take this moment to add onto my last R. Kelly post.  He added more chapters to “Trapped in the Closet”!  As I feared, it answered absolutely none of the questions left from the previous chapters, but it did introduce some bizarre new characters, including one that had R. Kelly in blackface.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  Well, I will just post the link to the video.


My First Vlog (Because I’ve Been Really Lazy About Blogging!)

So below is my first vlog (awkward word!) video.  The quality is not good because I just used my computer’s camera.  I probably should have saved myself some trouble and just uploaded a voice post, but I did want people to be able to see me since I have family and friends in faraway lands like Unadilla and Rochester that don’t see me very often.  Also, you should know that I’m a couple of glasses of wine into this post, so there may be a few typos that I didn’t catch.  (The video was pre-wine Stine.)  I’m really going to make an effort to post more often about what’s going on in my life here in Durham.

I was serious about the cat anxiety thing.  I know nothing about it, so inform me!  Also, I may end up doing the haul video regardless.  It looks like so much fun.  Cue Daniel making fun of me relentlessly.  I know they’re silly but they look fun to film.  I might wait to do it until I do a serious shopping trip at Old Navy and Forever 21 on Monday or Tuesday.  We will see if that actually materializes.

I just want to point out that I really did enjoy going to see Titanic in theaters.  It’s a stupid movie.  The script is ridiculous.  I hate what James Cameron does to movies (and by that, I mean ruin them).  But, it’s a pretty good story and I happen to really like Kate Winslet.  To me, it was worth it for free dollars.

State of Emergency

It has been a rainy couple of days.  I’m becoming concerned because the county in which my parents live is now in a state of emergency due to flooding.  This is very reminiscent of the flood of 2006, which really devastated the area.  And my parents are right in the middle of it all (foolishly).  So while I am safe in Rochester, I do worry about my family members in the ‘Dilla.  I know they have the good sense to leave before it gets bad, but of course I still fret.

Below are some images taken after the 2006 flood.

My neighbor's house. Part of her basement and foundation collapsed.

This bridge was closed to repair the damage after a tree floating down the river slammed into it.

Back in Rochester

Hurricane Irene hit Unadilla this morning.  My parents are still without power and probably will be for a few days.  The biggest issue that I had was my phone seemed to think that it was January 3 and about 5 hours behind the actual time.  I realized how lost I was without knowing the time.  Luckily it has since fixed itself.

After a long drive in the rain, we arrived in Rochester and immediately headed to Eastview so Daniel could get his laptop inspected at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store.  He needs to replace the hard drive, but most of his important information was transferred to my laptop this afternoon.  I did overhear another guy talking to a “genius” about his iPhone and how it had the same problem with the date and time.  I tried to explain that it was the network and that the Apple Store can’t actually do anything about that, but the guy was a classic iDiot.  I held my phone up to show him the date/time problem, and he actually tried to tap the screen like it was a touch screen.  He was a lost cause.

We met Jenab, Ryan, Dan, and Lisa at The Distillery for dinner.  It was awesome to see them again.  Jenab’s studio apartment is adorable and I know that I’m going to walk over there often and bug her.  I’m so excited to live close to her again!

It’s good to be back in Rochester.

Another view of Old Baldy.

A Mellow Day, But Not an Uneventful One.

Today Daniel and I visited Kelly’s apartment in Oneonta for the first time.  It’s nice.  I personally love our apartment (except for our ugly green rug), so I did not fall in love with her house, but it was good.  I think she will have a fantastic time living there with her friends, and it is right across from campus.  We ate dinner at her house, some chicken parmesan.  It was delicious.  Daniel and I supplied the wine.  We played a game of Settlers of Catan and then a game of Cranium.  Dillon won the former, Daniel and I won the latter.  Poor Kelly.  It was a great night, and it’s always fun to hang out with those two crazy kids.

We went to Old Franklin Day this afternoon to check out the “festivities” and the sales.  Daniel found a copy of Daredevil #5 from 1964 at a yard sale.  He got it for only $10.  Then his computer died and he said bad words.  Tomorrow we have an appointment at the Genius Bar in Victor.

Tomorrow we  plan to leave for Rochester.  Everyone is very nervous about Irene.  I hope our plans are not deterred because of the weather.

Happiness and excitement.

Waking Up in Durham, Falling Asleep in Unadilla.

Today was an extremely long travel day.  We are in Unadilla for two nights.  My sister and Dillon also arrived back here today, after a stay in Virginia Beach with Dillon’s family.  Their caravan was only 30-40 minutes ahead of me and Daniel.  My mother made meatloaf, baked potatoes, and broccoli for dinner.  There is nothing like some good old fashioned comfort food.

My mother, Daniel, and I went for a walk while my dad made a fire in the back yard for us.  The walk lasted longer than I had intended, and it became dark before we got back to the house.  But we still enjoyed a few minutes sitting with the fire while Daniel played his ukulele and the rest of us drank wine or beer.

I’m pretty exhausted.  Life is crazy.