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Weekend Recap

I usually post these on a Monday but, as you can probably tell, I’m a little behind with my blogging.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I made Daniel stuffed shells for dinner on Friday for his Hanukkah gift.  That night was kind of quiet for us because we both had to work on Saturday morning.

On Saturday night, we went out for dinner to a new tapas restaurant downtown.  It’s called Taberna and  their tapas are fantastic but what really knocked my socks off was their paella.  If you’re ever in Downtown Durham looking for a new place to try, go to Taberna.  The service was amazing and the prices are very reasonable.  You can try a huge variety of great food and it’s a really cute restaurant.  Daniel and I can’t wait to go back.  That was sort of our belated anniversary dinner, since we both forgot about it earlier in the week.  It was Hanukkah and his dad’s birthday on that same day, so we just ended up hanging out at his parents’ house to celebrate those.

After dinner at Taberna, we drove to the new apartment of Forest and Fran.  Forest is one of Daniel’s friends from high school and Fran is his girlfriend.  They just moved out of Forest’s mom’s house and into an adorable apartment near Southpoint.  We drank beer and wine and watched trailers on Youtube for some of the worst movies every made (including The Room, Enemy Mine, and Tiptoes).  It’s always a pleasure to see to them.

On Sunday we went to a small Hanukkah party with delicious food and good company.  Everyone brought a “white elephant” gift, which is kind of like a gag gift; basically, it’s something weird or random you might find laying around your house that you don’t want.  My brother recently gave me a bag of some of the most random dvds ever, so Daniel and I chose 3 of those, wrapped them, and I think Daniel’s parents finally ended up with them.  We came home with a silver picture frame.  Honestly, I’ll probably re-gift it to my mother.  She would get some use out of it.

On Monday while Daniel was at work, I went out to a craft store to buy more yarn for the fluffy infinity scarf I’m working on.  I also stopped at Bath and Body Works to pick up some of their candles because they were having a 2 for $20 sale.  The sale might still be happening.  I bought a Japanese Cherry Blossom scented candle, which is a really classic scent from their signature line, and I bought one of their holiday candles called Snowed In.  I’m burning that one as I type this and it smells great.  I wasn’t sure about it at first but I’m glad I bought it.  I was bummed that they didn’t have any of their 3-wick candles in Sea Island Cotton, which is one of my favorite scents, but I would never wear it on my body.  I just think it’s a perfect candle scent.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


November Favorites!

I can’t believe it’s December already!  This month has gone by so quickly, and now it’s almost 2013.  I’m pretty excited for this coming month, but first, here are my favorites from November.

TV Shows

This month Daniel and I have been watching a lot of a Bob’s Burgers.  I’ve talked about this show before.  We just think it’s hilarious.  It’s about a guy named Bob who owns a burger restaurant with his family.  His wife Linda reminds me so much of my mother, but Linda is much more funny.  His 3 kids, Tina, Gene, and Louise, help to run the restaurant.  Gene reminds me a lot of Daniel, and Louise is very similar to Nicole, but more evil.  If you want to know more about it, check out my previous Bob’s Burgers blog post, which I’ve linked above.

We’ve also caught up on New Girl.  I actually started watching this show when it premiered, then made Daniel watch it, and now I think he’s more addicted than I am.  We love Schmidt.  I don’t care much for Zooey Deschanel, but the male characters are absolutely worth it for me.


This month, I finished Habibi, a graphic novel by Craig Thompson.  All of his work is just incredibly heart-wrenching, and Habibi is no exception.  If you’ve never read anything by Craig Thompson, then I would recommend starting with Goodbye, Chunky Rice.  It’s not as daunting (length-wise) as Habibi or the semi-autobiographical Blankets, but the story-telling is amazing, and the art is stunning.  All of his lines are so fluid, and it looks beautiful.  The word “Habibi” means “my beloved” in Arabic.  The book is set in the Middle East, and it’s about two people who are doing the best they can to survive under the circumstances.  They are trying to live “off the grid” as much as possible, since they essentially ran away together as children and became fugitives.  Eventually, they are separated for many years, but their feelings for each never fade.  Instead, their feelings grow stronger, and eventually they find each other again and begin their long overdue romantic relationship.  Since Daniel hasn’t read it yet, I’ll leave my brief synopsis there, and he can read it and explain to me all of the Islamic symbolism in it, since he’s the Religion major in this relationship.  It’s a wonderful, exciting, tear-inducing book that should definitely not be overlooked simply because it’s a “graphic novel”.


Since Daniel and I saw Skyfall earlier this month (on our date night), we’ve been on a huge James Bond kick, and because we have all of the 007 movies, we’ve been trying to watch them sequentially, starting with Dr. No.  At this point we’ve only watched the first three, but now that I’m back from Unadilla I’m sure we will be resuming our Bond movie marathon.

Nail Polish

This month I really only wore two colors.  The first was a Sephora by OPI color.  Now, a lot of people have had problems with these polishes being streaky and difficult to apply.  I do find that the formula is a bit thick, but once the polish dried there were no streaks on my nails, and it looked great.  I’ve been wearing “Three Way Mirror”.

The second color was a nail polish from Avon that I’m sure I must have stolen from either my mother or my sister.  I believe it’s called “Mosaic Plum”.  It’s a gorgeous deep purple color with gold micro-glitter.  However, I wouldn’t really recommend Avon polishes.  I currently have two, and I have the same complaint about both of them.  They chip pretty quickly, even with my amazing Revlon ColorStay Base Coat and Top Coat.  Also, at least with this purple color, it didn’t come off with nail polish remover very easily at all, and when it did finally come off, it wanted to take the top layer of my nail with it.  That’s not a good look for anybody.  So, while I adore the color and would love to wear it again, I really don’t want to go through the slow and messy process of removal again.

Pretty colors.  You can really see the gold flecks in the purple nail polish.

Pretty colors. You can really see the gold flecks in the purple polish.


For this month, I feel like I have more makeup favorites that I usually do.  I’ve recently discovered Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles.  I’ve heard a lot of positive chatter about this, and it has not disappointed.  It doesn’t have to be used only for the under-the-eye area; it definitely can also be used as an all-over concealer.  It works like magic.

I’ve had Mac’s Cranberry eyeshadow for almost a year now, but I’ve hardly worn it because it typically made me look like I had a black eye.  I think this is a common problem with eyeshadows that are a deep berry or purple color.  I finally figured out how to wear it so that it doesn’t look like a bruise, and I’m absolutely in love with it.  Plus it’s very festive to wear an eyeshadow called “Cranberry” to Thanksgiving.   Cranberry looks great on the outer half of the lid and outer “v”, with Wet ‘n Wild’s “Nutty” placed on the inner half of the lid and Urban Decay’s Buck (a light brown matte shadow) in the crease.  And you only need a tiny bit of the Cranberry shade, because it’s very pigmented, and will quickly start to look like a bruise if you really build it up.  I’ve also been using my Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone pallet a lot this month.  You can do so many looks with this pallet, the shades are great quality, and for $4.99, you cannot beat the price.


Mac’s Cranberry Eyeshadow


Wet ‘n Wild’s Nutty, which is a dupe for Mac’s Satin Taupe (so I’ve heard). I hit pan on this quite a while ago. This is my go-to everyday shadow.


Urban Decay’s Buck Eyeshadow


The Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone Pallet

For lipstick, I’ve recently purchased L’Oreal’s “Blushing Berry”.  I definitely needed a good berry color for this season, and this one is beautiful.  I’ve also been wearing Maybelline’s “Born With It” lipstick, usually layered with their lipgloss of the same name, for a very light pink, shimmery lip.  For a more neutral look, I’ve re-discovered one of my favorite lipsticks, Maybelline’s “Nearly There”, which I have heard is a dupe for Mac’s Viva Glam V lipstick.  And “Nearly There” looks great when paired with Mac’s Viva Glam V lipglass.

Blushing Berry, Born With It, and Nearly There

Blushing Berry, Born With It, and Nearly There

Top: Mac's Viva Glam V lipglass, bottom: Maybelline's Born With It lipgloss.

Top: Mac’s Viva Glam V lipglass, bottom: Maybelline’s Born With It lipgloss.

....and swatches!  Left to right:  L'Oreal's Blushing Berry, Maybelline's Born With It lipstick, Maybelline's Nearly There, Maybelline's Born With It lipgloss, and Mac's Viva Glam V

….and swatches! Left to right: L’Oreal’s Blushing Berry, Maybelline’s Born With It lipstick, Maybelline’s Nearly There, Maybelline’s Born With It lipgloss, and Mac’s Viva Glam V

Random Things

Since this is my first fall/winter in Durham, I’ve been loving the weather.  And for the next week, it’s supposed to be in the 60s and 70s.  It is December, right?  I can honestly say that I don’t plan to spend  another winter in Upstate New York, if I can help it.

I’ve been really, horribly addicted to watching beauty gurus on Youtube this month.  It was bad before, but this month has been really bad.  Currently, my two favorite Youtubers are Amarixe and Missglamorazzi.  Allison (Amarixe) gives great, honest reviews, interesting makeup tutorials, and always uses a mix of drugstore and high end products.  I’m all about that.  I also have a link to her blog in my Blogroll, to the right.  Ingrid (Missglamorazzi) is just adorable and I love her “Get Ready With Me” videos.  She seems like such a sweetheart, and if I’m in a bad mood or if I’ve had a rough day, I try to watch one of her videos and it kind of cheers me up a little bit.

Depending on what day you ask, I actually really enjoy holiday shopping.  Sure, it sucks fighting with some grandma over the last cinnamon scented candle that you want to buy for your sister-in-law (I just made that up, that’s never really happened to me), but it is an awesome feeling when you find the perfect gift for a certain person.  It’s a good feeling when they open it and you just know that they like it.  My nephew Gavin was so excited about his Dinosaur Lego set that now he wants the rest of the sets that go with it.  And even though Lily didn’t like it at first, eventually she wanted me to read the book to her over and over again, and loved the cute little necklace that came with it.

What were some of your “November Favorites”?

Top 10 Favorite R. Kelly Songs

Before I decided to write this list, I had no idea just how many R. Kelly songs there were in the world, and I’d actually only heard a small handful from his entire career.  And, of course, in addition to his normal catalogue, there’s also all of the remixes he’s done, some of which I just had to include in this list.

Writing this post, I’ve noticed a few patterns with his lyrics.  He writes about 1 of 2 things.  The first is just things he sees, or whatever seems to come to him at that moment.  There are some examples below.  The second is just straight up sex or sex-related things.  That’s it.  This is what has allowed him to make record after record for over 20 years.

Below is one of the most difficult Top 10 lists I’ve ever written.  The list of songs to choose from was almost as daunting as choosing my Top 10 Favorite Daniel O’Brien Articles on Cracked.com.  But here it is.

10.  “I Believe I Can Fly”

I had to include this one for no other reason than it is just an R. Kelly classic.  Featured on the soundtrack to Space Jam, it was a huge hit in the ’90s for Mr. Kelly.  This is one of the only (if not, then the only song in his entire career) that doesn’t appear to involve sex or just random thoughts.

9.  “Havin’ a Baby”

Is this song a follow-up to the song “Pregnant“?  The song “Pregnant” almost made this list, but I figured that it really wasn’t necessary to include both “Havin’ a Baby” and “Pregnant”.

He’s so glad to be that baby’s daddy.

8.  “Real Talk”

This song is very reminiscent of “Trapped in the Closet”.  The entire song is R. Kelly sing-yelling at a person that we presume to be his girlfriend, who has accused him of seeing another woman.  But (and this is genius), we only hear R. Kelly’s side.  So, in the song he’s having a conversation with a woman, but we can only hear R. Kelly yelling things like “Wait a minute, let me finish!”.

Here are some of the things that he yells:

How the fuck she know I was with them other girls then?
When the whole club packed…wait a minute let me finish what I gotta say
I’ve been with you for 5 years and you’re listening to your motherfucking girlfriends,
I don’t know why you fuck with them old jealous,
No man-having, ass hoes anyway

And during one of my favorite parts of the song, the ending, he starts yelling for somebody named Milton.  Hmm.

The next time your ass get horny go fuck one of your funky ass friends,
Hell you probably already doing that shit.
Anyway you’re gonna burn what?
Bitch, I wish you would burn my motherfucking clothes,
With your trifling ass
MILTON!…you bogus girl,
MILTON!…start your car and warm it up and get ready to take me home,
This bitch done lost her motherfucking mind

I took a moment to just highlight what I thought were some of the best lyrics.  You can thank me in a comment.

7.  “Same Girl”

This is probably my favorite R. Kelly duet.  He and Usher are having a conversation where they realize they are “messing with the same girl”.  But the music video is truly the best because there is actually an amazing twist at the end.

I like the cute nicknames they have for each other.

6.  “The Opera”

This is the shortest selection on this list, clocking in at 1:23.  This is also the song that made me realize R. Kelly has just been screwing with us for nearly two decades.  It comes from his first double album, R., released in the ’90s.  He uses his best opera voice to sing lyrics like “Dearly be, are you down with me?”, and finishes the song with the sounds of an applauding audience, as though he had just sung an opera.  The man is brilliant.

5.  “Ignition (Remix)”

This is the soundtrack to everybody’s weekend.  It is quintessential R. Kelly, and it’s one of those remixes that I mentioned above.  Lyrically, the remix has absolutely nothing to do with the original version.

I’m like, so what, I’m drunk.

4.  “Sex Planet”

This song is about space sex.  What can be better than space sex?  The opportunities for lyrical double-entendres are limitless.

We’ll take a trip to planet Uranus, Anus.

Yeah, he just said that. I think R. Kelly deserves an award for best use of the word anus in an R&B song.

3.  “Echo”

This song is pure genius.  It’s all about having sex all day, until his lady starts to yodel in ecstasy.  He even yodels in the video!

This video is no joke.  This is the actual video for the song.  Take a moment to process that.  And just in case you didn’t know what an echo is, R. Kelly is here to explain it to you.

2.  “Feelin’ On Yo Booty (Remix)”

I think that R. Kelly has done so many remixes that sometimes he can’t remember which one he’s currently recording.  It’s also likely that he’s recorded so many remixes that there’s no way you or I could keep them straight, so he constantly reminds us which one we’re listening to.  He makes it very easy for us (himself?), because the first lyrics you hear are “What remix is this? (Feelin’ On Yo Booty)”, sung in that special R. Kelly kind of way.  (Before that, you can actually hear him saying “This sounds real familiar.”)  Now, I could have included the original “Feelin’ On Yo Booty” in this list, but for me the remix so eclipsed the original that there was no way I could have been happy just using the original.

The falsetto at the end where he just repeats the word “Booty” makes this remix extra special.

1.  “Trapped in the Closet”

For me, this was absolutely the high point in R. Kelly’s career.  I think this “hip hopera” was a huge accomplishment for him, even though it’s not finished (yet!!).  Currently, there are 22 chapters that you can watch on Youtube.  Below I have provided a link to a Youtube playlist on Vevo that will play all 22 chapters sequentially.  Unfortunately, the first video in the playlist is for the song “Share My Love”, which is an excellent song, but I believe was mistakenly added to the playlist.  Also, the last song on the playlist after Chapter 22, is “Sex Me”, which I believe was also included erroneously.

And now I’m in this dark ass closet, tryin’ to figure out 
Just how I’m gonna get my crazy ass up out this house 

You can also go directly to the Vevo page for R. Kelly and watch them all there as well, and avoid the first video.  Because they are through Vevo, they’re all very good quality.  This is great because he’s releasing a new chapter next week, on Friday November 23.  Daniel and I are so excited for it that we are planning on doing a marathon of the first 22 chapters.

That’s the list.  What are some of your favorite R. Kelly songs?

Zen Magnets

Today, Daniel received his Zen Magnets in the mail.  We were both very excited about it.  You can do some truly artistic things with them, but Daniel hasn’t acquired enough to make huge sculptures yet, so for now we have to settle for small things, like a typical cube.

I did find a bunch of tutorials on youtube, courtesy of Magnenaut.  Below I have embedded one of the shorter, simpler shapes he can build, but I highly recommend checking out some of his other videos.  You can skip a lot of the beginning parts of the tutorials because they are all very similar, but some of the shapes he creates are truly impressive.

If you are going to browse around youtube for more videos of Zen Magnets, try to avoid saxplayingcompnerd.  His videos are a little creepy for a number of reasons.  First, you know he is sitting in his parents’ house spending God only knows how much money on Zen Magnets while his parents remain clueless.  Second, in one of his videos he shows you how to clean your Zen Magnets.  Somewhere in either the video or the comments (I’d rather not watch through the video again to figure that out), he says it takes him 2-3 hours to clean all of his magnets.  So between his saxophone, his computer-nerding, and playing with Zen Magnets, where does he find the time to, you know, socialize or get laid?  The obvious answer is that this guy might remain a friendless virgin forever.  Daniel even suggested that the guy was a fake that just made these sort of creepy videos, but obviously he spends a lot of time with his magnets, so I’m not convinced.

I’ve gotten a little off-topic.  The point is, Zen Magnets are pretty awesome and I can’t wait to try to figure them out and maybe even make some interesting shapes.  Daniel only has 216, so you can’t make the kinds of shapes that Magnenaut can make, but you can still do some cool things with them.

Zen Magnets!


Today Daniel and I avoided the heat and watched the 1991 movie JFk, directed by Oliver Stone.  It was nominated for a number of Academy Awards and won two.  I am a huge fan of Kevin Costner, for whatever reason, and he was great in this movie, playing Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who began to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy in more depth after he suspected that their was more to the assassination than just one lonely gunman.  In addition, Lee Harvey Oswald was originally from New Orleans, so there was some connection there.

I can’t possibly go into all of the details here, but it is a phenomenal movie.  Seinfeld did a great spoof about a “magic loogie” that took a similar path to the supposed “magic bullet” that hit JFK and another passenger in his car.  What’s great about this particular parody of the film is that Wayne Knight, who plays Newman, was also in JFK (and also happened to play a character called Newman).  In addition, when Kevin Costner’s character is demonstrating the supposed trajectory of the “magic bullet”, Newman is part of the demonstration, and reprises the same position in the episode of Seinfeld.  I personally think that was brilliant on the part of the Seinfeld writers.

The movie presents a truly fascinating conspiracy theory, as well as a terrifying one.  While I understand this is a movie made for the purposes of entertainment and gets nominated for awards based on the acting and how well the story is written, there may be some truth to the theory.  I think most people agree that the assassination was a conspiracy, but they don’t always agree on who did the conspiring.  What I cannot understand is if the government was not involved and it was indeed just Lee Harvey Oswald who acted alone (which was what the Warren Commission found), then why wouldn’t they release all of the documents pertaining to JFK’s assassination?  I don’t understand what they could want to hide from the public if it was indeed just some crazed lone gunman.  In addition, they have apparently commissioned a group whose sole purpose is to determine which documents containing information regarding the assassination will or will not be released  to the public within the next decade or two.

I don’t want to give away too much information about the movie if you have not seen it.  It’s certainly a movie that, at the very least, makes you think “What if…?”.  Here is a short clip of the movie during the trial of Clay Shaw:

Back...and to the left? Not really.

Space Jam

Sometimes Unadilla can be a little boring.  So, on Sunday night, in continuing our tradition to re-live the 1990’s, I dug out my family’s Space Jam VHS for me and Daniel to watch.  If you somehow missed out on this phenomenon, don’t worry:  the movie’s 1996 website is still up and running.

The premise of the movie is…kind of lacking, honestly.  Some aliens decide that they want to kidnap the Looney Tunes and make them into slaves at their amusement park, Moron Mountain.  The Looney Tunes figure that since the aliens are short and can’t jump very high, that they should challenge them to a basketball game for their freedom.  Seems dandy, until the aliens steel the talent of famed basket ball players Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Tyrone “Muggsy” Boges, Larry Johnson, and Shawn Bradley.  So Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck decide to recruit Michael Jordan.  Unfortunately, he has decided to retire from basketball and play baseball.  So it takes some convincing, but he finally agrees to help the Looney Tunes.  Then they play some basketball and win, of course, and Michael Jordan even makes it back just in time for his baseball game.

It’s a terrible movie.  But we all remember the soundtrack:

Oh yeah, R. Kelly.

This might have been the most exciting character in the village of Unadilla while we were there.

Hey Arnold!

In continuing to re-live my childhood, Daniel and I have been watching Hey Arnold! episodes on Youtube.  (A small shout out to Daniel’s cousin Katie for posting the link!)  Along with the famous football head, there are all the classic characters (all with heads that are just as uniquely shaped) we know and love:  Gerald, Eugene, Helga, Sid, and the rest of the gang.

One of my favorite episodes is “Stoop Kid”.  After Arnold kicks the boys’ only football onto the stoop of Stoop Kid, Gerald tells the story of the boy who grew up on this particular stoop.  Stoop Kid is very protective of his stoop and harasses all who pass him by.  Arnold tries to get the football back, but Stoop Kid intimidates him too much.  Arnold observes Stoop Kid, waiting for the right moment to grab the football.  After Arnold realizes that Stoop Kid never leaves his stoop, Arnold grabs the football and runs.  Stoop Kid yells at him, but won’t step foot off of the stoop.  Arnold realizes that Stoop Kid is afraid to leave his stoop.  The whole neighborhood catches on, and Stoop Kid becomes miserable.  Arnold, true to his nature, feels bad for Stoop Kid and tries to help him make that first step off of his stoop.  Arnold convinces him that there is a whole world out there to see.  After Stoop Kid finally steps off of his stoop, he realizes that he does not want to leave his stoop, but now has the freedom to harass people both on and off his stoop.

I don’t know why this particular episodes sticks with me, but it is one that I have always remembered from my childhood.

What were some of your favorite Hey Arnold! episodes?

Stoop Kid is to his stoop as Daniel is to ______________?